Real World Vehicles FAQ by DChan

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     Betafield 2: Vanilla (Windows: Electronic Arts,
     Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PlayStation 2/Xbox:
Electronic Arts, 2005.10.24)
     Battlefield 2: Special Forces (Windows: Electronic
Arts, 2005.11.21)
     Battlefield 2: Euro Force (Windows: Electronic Arts,
     Battlefield 2: Armored Fury (Windows: Electronic
Arts, 2006.06.07)

     Real World Vehicles FAQ (Version 4.5 - Incomplete Struggle)

     Current Update: Saturday, 8 July 2006
     Previous Update: Thursday, 6 July 2006
     Created: Sunday, 27 March 2005

     By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@h_tmail.c_m)

     Note: I DO NOT have this game. I typed up this file as
     a "fan service" for the fellow warbird-watchers, id
     est, military aviation fans out there.
     If any Battlefield 2 fan site wants to host this file,
     ask me.

0.   Wanted
1.   Acknowledgements
2.   Glossary
3.   Links
4.   Your Strategies and Tactics Here
4.1    Air Vehicles
4.2    Ground Vehicles
4.3    Maritime Vehicles
5.   Orders of Battle
5.1    PRC
5.2    MEC
5.3    USA
5.4    Special Forces
5.5    Euro Force
5.6    Armored Fury
5.7    Neutral
6.   Theatre of Operations
6.1    PRC
6.2    MEC
6.3    USA
6.4    Special Forces
6.5    Euro Force
6.6    Armored Fury

"Setsunasa!" (*1)


     I'm looking for:
     - Any constructive/educational comment, hint, or trick
about the vehicles in the game.
     - Any other real-world vehicles (civilian or military)
that are in the game (official, not mod), and aren't in
this FAQ.
     - The attributes of the vehicles in the game, such as
hit points, crew and passenger capacity, weapons (type,
ammo, damage), et cetera.

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I noticed my game FAQs were leeched and cross-posted at
multiple Russian game FAQ sites. o(>_<)o I was more annoyed
that they did not always have the latest versions of my
game FAQs.)

     (Social democracy in action.)

     In memory of:
     - Squadron Leader Janusz "Jan" Zurakowski, Royal Air
Force (Retired). Fighter pilot during World War Two, and
test pilot of the de Havilland Vampire, the Gloster Meteor
and Javelin, and Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck and CF-105 Arrow
after World War Two. He was 89. He was born in Ryzawka,
Russia, on 12 September 1914. He passed away at his home
"Kartuzy" in Barry's Bay, (northern) Ontario, Canada, on
Monday, 9 February 2004.
     - The victims of the earthquake that happened in the
Indian Ocean, off the west coast of northern Sumatra,
Indonesia, on Boxing Day, Sunday, 26 December 2004, at
07:58:53 local time; and the victims of the resultant
tidal waves caused by the earthquake, in various South
Asia and East Africa nations, including India, Indonesia,
Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
     - Comrade ZHAO Zi Yang. Former Premier of the People's
Republic of China and General Secretary of the Chinese
Communist Party. Deposed because of his support for the
months-long, anti-corruption and pro-democracy protest in
Tian An Men Square, Bei Jing, China, that was ended by the
People's Liberation Army on 4 June 1989, he was under house
arrest until his death. He was 85. He was born in Hua
County, He Nan Province, China, on 17 October 1919; and
passed away in Bei Jing, on 17 January 2005.
     - Captain James Montgomery Doohan, Royal Canadian Army
(Retired). Actor who, in Star Trek, played Captain
(at first Lieutenant Commander) Montgomery "Scotty" Scott,
Star Fleet, the (legendary) Chief Engineer on the NCC-1701
USS Enterprise. He was 85. Born in Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada, on 3 March 1920. Beamed up in Redmond,
Washington, USA, on Wednesday, 20 July 2005.,12589,1533988,00.html?gusrc=rss

     - Caspar "Cap" Willard Weinberger. United States
Secretary of Defense for President Ronald Reagan. He was
88. He was born in San Francisco, California, USA, on 18
August 1917. Passed away in Mount Desert, Maine, USA, on
Tuesday, 28 March 2006.

     "So long as I'm the President, we will stay, we will
     fight, and we will win the war on terror...
     "In this war, we have said farewell to some very good
     men and women, including 491 heroes of the National
     Guard and Reserves...
     "These brave men and women gave their lives for a
     cause that is just and necessary for the security of
     our country, and now we will honour their sacrifice by
     completing their mission."
     - United States President George W Bush, at Nampa,
       Idaho, USA, late August 2005

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     This is a list of some acronyms used in this file.

     AA: Anti-Aircraft.
     AB: Air Base.
     ACC: Air Combat Command.
     AF: Air Force.
     AFAIK: As Far As I Know.
     AFB: Air Force Base.
     ANG: Air National Guard.
     APC: Armoured Personnel Carrier.
     ARMY: Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet.

     BTW: By The Way.
     BuNo: Bureau of Aeronautics Number.

     EA: Electronic Arts.
     ERTW: Equal Rights To Women.

     FS: Fighter Squadron.
     FSU: Former Soviet Union.
     FW: Fighter Wing.
     FYI: For Your Information.

     Hellfire: Heliborne, Laser, Fire and Forget.
     HP: Homepage.

     IAP: International Airport.
     IIRC: If I Remember Correctly.
     IMO: In My Opinion.
     ISTR: I Seem To Remember.

     Ka: Kamov.

     MBT: Main Battle Tank.
     MCAS: Marine Corps Air Station
     MEC: Middle Eastern Coalition.
     Mi: Mil.
     MIA/BNR: Missing In Action/Body Not Recovered.
     MiG: Mikoyan-Gurevich.

     NAS: Naval Air Station.
     NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

     OG: Operations Group.
     ORBAT: Order of Battle.
     OTOH: On The Other Hand.

     PLA: People's Liberation Army.
     PLAAF: People's Liberation Army Air Force.
     PLAN: People's Liberation Army Navy.
     PRC: People's Republic of China.

     RAF: Royal Air Force.

     SAS: Special Air Service, British Army. Motto: "Who Dares Wins", or 
"Speed Aggression Surprise".
     Spetsnaz: Russian "Cu~px", meaning "SpecOps"; short
for "Bz{p Cuyp|~s Hpx~pu~y" or "Voiska
Spetsialnogo Naznacheniya", meaning "Special Forces" or
"Special Purpose Units".
     Su: Sukhoi.

     TOP: Theatre of Operations.

     USA: United States Army.
     USA: United States of America.
     USAF: United States Air Force.
     USMC: United States Marine Corps. Motto: "Semper
Fidelis" (Latin "Always faithful").
     USN: United States Navy.

     WRT: With Respect To.

3.   LINKS

     Battlefield 2 official homepage. English.

     Battlefield 2 official homepage. Japanese.

     Battlefield 2: Special Forces official homepage. English.

     Battlefield 2: Special Forces official homepage. Japanese.

     Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PS2) codes and saves in
the GSCCC, Inc HP. English.

     Battlefield 2: Modern Combat official homepage. English.

     Battlefield 2 Prima official game guide. English.

     "Mastering Battlefield 2" guide by Rich "Lowtax"
Kyanka. English.

     Battlefield 2 strategies and tactics. Chinese.

     Battlefield 2 cartoons and Easter Eggs.

     Russian Aviation Page. An HP about the Russian Air Force.

     "Russian Aviation Page: Aircraft nicknames used by
Soviet/Russian aircrews, ground personnel, and design
bureaus", by A. Gretchikhine.

     "A Brief Guide to Russian Combat Aircraft". An HP about
the Russian Air Force.

     The AirForces Monthly Magazine HP.
     "The World's Leading Military Aviation Magazine."

     Air Force RU. An HP about the Russian Air Force.

     Air Force Technology - The Website for Defence
Industries - Air Force.

     Army Technology - The Website for Defence Industries -

   -, by Rick Kamer of USA.
     "Aviation of the People's Liberation Army."

     "Designations of Soviet and Russian Military Aircraft
and Missiles", by Aleksey V. Martynov and Andreas Parsch.

     Federation of American Scientists - Military Analysis
Network HP. Has photos and stats of even such "lost"
aircraft as the American YA-9 and YF-17 Cobra, and the
Israeli Lavi.

     The Scramble Magazine and Dutch Aviation Society
official HP.

     Chinese Defence Today.
     "An unofficial web site of Chinese defence affair."

     StrategyPage, by Jim Dunnigan and others.
     "The StrategyPage is a comprehensive summary of
military news and affairs, including battlefield reports,
arms sales, weapon tests, space programs, espionage,
terrorism, etc. We cover the inside data on how and why
things happen."

     World Air Forces, by Chris Thornburg of USA.

     [Ramble ON]

     The Japanese Gaming Guide to Windows XP, by Kagami of
     "Windows 95/98/Me/2000 Japanese PC Games on Windows

     Selios' Lairs, by Jean-Luc Barbera of France.
     "Selios' Lairs is primary a fan site on different
things I enjoy a lot, some of which are not well known
outside Japan or by rare fans worldwide.
     "Les Antres de Selios sont avant tout un site de fan
sur differentes choses que j'apprecie beaucoup, don't
certaines sont tres meconnues en dehors du Japon hormis
de rares fans de part le monde."

     The Shiori Fujisaki Shrine, by Wavehawk. A Tokimemo
(Tokimeki Memorial) fan page.

     Miyabi Koubou, by Tounnkai of Japan.

     Zany Video Game Quotes. Has very funny quotes and
screen shots from many vidgames, plus movie files of
Segata Sanshirou TV CMs.

     [Ramble OFF]




     From THE PAINTBALLER (Saturday, 2006.03.25):
     "How to land a jet under the carrier (in the little
rubber boat docking bay)"
     Just fly straght under it (Speed [doesn't] matter) and
bail out right before you hit the wall, but make sure you
bail so that the jet lands on the little platform.
     Still amazes people when i do it lol

     no you land in the water and the jet just like bounces
off the wall... try it

     From ImperialDragon (2005.10.24):
     For some reason the Phalanx and Sea Sparrow system has
shot me down way too many times since the new patch. I
think when they said they buffed AA, they only buffed the
carrier systems. Just yesterday, a Sea Sparrow missile
shot me down on Wake Island while I was above the northern
BRIDGE. How the Hell did the missile track me that far?
     I have made it my hobby to fly my jet REALLY low over
the carrier deck and kill as many people simply by hitting
them. My total kills by doing this is 80. See a group of
guys waiting on a jet and you dont [sic] have bombs?
Forget the vulcans! Run them over and continue on your way!

     From War Monkey (2005.08.09):
     Okay, if you can fly a plane good, and kill things in
it, then your [sic] in luck. If you [sic] all the above,
and suck at a kit/job (sniper, assault), then your [sic] in
more luck.
     Heres [sic] my story. I was on a map where you could
fly planes. I grabbed one, and took off. Im [sic] a good
pilot, but kinda suck at killing things. Well, this round
was my lucky day, because I killed quite a few baddies.
Well, I decided to take the sniper kit, because if I ever
parachuted, I'd run for this tall tower and snipe. I suck
at sniping, I can't hit fish in a barrel, but I took it
     So there I am, flying with my sniper kit, getting
kills. The [sic] IT happens. I won an award. The Basic
Sniper Award. But I didnt [sic] ever fire a single sniper
     All in all, I would think... THINK that the kill you
got in the plane, go towards the kit points thing.

     From Jaguar XJ220 (2005.07.05):
     Yeah I usually have to hover [the F-35] down to the
deck but it can take a while if you don't time reverse
right. You will over/undershoot and have to hover over to
it which usually gets you blown away because it takes too

     Later (2005.10.26):
     AFAIK, all BF2 aircraft, regardless of nationality,
have the same number and types of weapons.

     China J-10A, MEC MiG-29M, US F/A-18E and F-35B.
     One cannon, six infra-red-homing air-to-air missiles,
two dumb bombs.

     China Su-30, MEC Su-34, US F-15E.
     One cannon, four infra-red-homing air-to-air missiles,
five dumb bombs.
     20 smart laser-guided bombs.

     Attack Helo:
     China WZ-10, MEC Mi-28A, US AH-1Z.
     56 dumb rockets.
     One cannon, eight smart TV-guided air-to-ground

     Transport Helo:
     China Z-8, MEC Mi-17, US HH-60H.
     Four passengers:
     Two machine guns.

     Later (Wednesday, 2005.11.23):
     IMO, in BF2, it's more fun to vis-ident the armaments
on military aircraft than on military ground and surface
vehicles, because the ordnance mounted at the hard points
on aircraft are variable (WRT the types, sub-types, and
quantities), while the weapons mounted on ground and
surface vehicles are practically fixed.

   - AH-1Z King Cobra:

     AGM-114 Hellfire AGM x 8, AN/ALE-39 chaff and infra-red flare
dispenser, APKWS (Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, also called
Hydra) seven-shot 70 mm rocket pod x 2, M197 three-barrel 20 mm
cannon x 1 (chin).

   - AH-64D Apache Longbow:

     AGM-114D Hellfire Longbow AGM x 8, AN/ALQ-144A infra-red
jammer and chaff and flare decoy dispenser, APKWS seven-shot 70 mm
rocket pod x 2, M230 one-barrel 30 mm cannon x 1 (chin).

   - F-15E Strike Eagle:

     AIM-9 Sidewinder rear-aspect IRH AAM x 4, AGM-65
Maverick AGM x 4, drop tanks x 2, LANTIRN (Low Altitude
Navigation and Targeting Infra-Red for Night) pod x 2
(AN/AAQ-13 navigation pod and AN/AAQ-14 targeting pod),
M61A1 Vulcan 20 mm cannon x 1 (right wing-root), Mk 82
Snake Eye retarded-fall (high-drag) dumb bombs x 3.

   - F/A-18E Super Hornet:

     AIM-9 Sidewinder rear-aspect IRH AAM x 6, dumb bombs x
2, M61A1 Vulcan 20 mm cannon x 1 (nose, before canopy).

   - F-35B Lightning II:

     AIM-9 Sidewinder rear-aspect IRH AAM, dumb bombs,
GAU-12/U 25 mm cannon x 1 (above left intake, between
canopy and left wing, not gun pod).

   - HH-60H Sea Hawk.

     Cannon x 2.

   - J-10A:

     23 mm cannon x 1 (bottom side of fuselage, behind and left of
intake), dumb bombs x 2, R-73 (AA-11) Archer IRH AAM x 4.

   - Mi-35 (Mi-24V) Hind E:

     20-shot 80 mm rocket pod x 2, Ataka AGM x 4, YaKB-12.7
four-barrel 12.7 mm cannon x 1 (chin).

   - Mi-28A Havoc:

     2A42 30 mm cannon x 1 (chin), 20-shot 80 mm rocket pod x 2,
Ataka AGM x 16.

   - MiG-29M Fulcrum:

     Dumb bombs x 2, Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 (9A-4071K)
one-barrel 30 mm cannon x 1 (left wing-root, below canopy), R-73
(AA-11) Archer IRH AAM x 6.

   - Su-30 Flanker:

     Bombs, Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 (9A-4071K) one-barrel
30 mm cannon x 1 (right wing-root, behind and below
canopy), rear-aspect IRH AAM.

   - Su-34 Fullback:

     AGM x 4, dumb bombs x 3, Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1
(9A-4071K) one-barrel 30 mm cannon x 1 (right wing-root,
behind and below canopy), rear-aspect IRH AAM x 4.

   - WZ-10 (A129 International):

     AGM-114 Hellfire or TOW2 AGM x 8, AN/ALQ-144A infra-red jammer
and chaff and flare decoy dispenser, rocket pod x 2, three-barrel 20
mm cannon x 1 (chin).


     From sephsmokey (Monday, 2006.03.27):
     The sweet spot on the LAV is anywhere in the square
around the turret (look at it and you will see what [i'm]
talking about) or just hitting the barrel [does] the same
dammage. you can take it down pretty fast with .50 cal
machine guns (before the gun overheats), as for the M95 it
takes 19 shots to put it on fire.
     as for the other [APCs] i [haven't] found a weak spot
(yet), so [i'm] starting to suspect that the LAV weak spot
is unintentional.

     From JP_Russell (Sunday, 2006.03.26):
     A .50 caliber bullet (from either the M95 or a mounted
.50 machine gun) can damage the LAV-25 (quite quickly, I
might add) if you shoot right above the barrel. Of course,
this means the APC must be facing you to hit that spot,
which means he will more than likely kill you before you
kill him, but still.  Anyway, I don't take credit for
finding this. Swiftninja posted about this about a month
and a half ago or so.

     From DeViL Cr0c0diLe (2005.08.08):
     It's actually 4 in the front, 3 to the sides. 2 hits to the
top of the turret causes the tank to catch fire. It also takes only
2 hits to the treads, but instead of just catching fire, the tank
instantly explodes when the second rocket hits. The treads are the
best place to aim for if you can hit them.

     From Deathgod (2005.08.08):
     Claymores are only set off by infantry on foot.
     As for the number of AT rockets it takes to kill tanks: 2 in
the back, 3 in the front, 4 in the sides. 2 in the back will get the
tank to about 5% left, which will sound the damage alarm in the tank
and give the drivers a few seconds to hop out, not that anyone ever

     From azndragon1128 (2005.07.21):
     Chinese cars IRL have the driver's seat on the left, as
do the jeeps in the game.

     From MasterYevon (2005.07.03):
     Aim for the back of the turret where the turret meets
the tank's body. One shot one kill right there.

     From Osiris the Tormentor (2005.07.03):
     2 shots for the turret, 2 shots for the treads on the
side, 2 shots for the back.

     From cbw1015 (2005.06.28):
     To take care of pesky jeeps and small vehickles.
     Answer - Fire assualts [grenades] at it. It does the
trick in usually one shot.


<Under Construction>


     This is a list of on-line quick reference links for the
real-world vehicles that are *reportedly* in Battlefield 2,
according to:

     This list is unofficial and may contain mistakes. It's
not etched into stone and brought down from the mountain by

     Later (2005.08.01):
     When discussing the markings on the BF2 vehicles, this
FAQ doesn't intend to claim the (over-stressed and
under-paid) BF2 game designers foxtrot uniform when they
creatively (read: arbitrarily) allocated the serial numbers
on the aircraft, or assigned an USA tank to the USMC, or
assigned an USAF tail code to an USMC aircraft, et al.
     In the BF2 alternate reality, clearly it's correct
and natural for the USMC to drive an USA tank, or to have
an USAF tail code.
     This FAQ intends to just elucidate whether the
markings on the BF2 vehicles coincide with the markings for
real US military units.

5.1  PRC (People's Republic of China, Zhong Hua Ren Min Gong
     He Guo)

     On the Chinese vehicles, the two Chinese words in the
PLA (People's Liberation Army) insignia are Ba Yi, literally
"Eight One", meaning "August 1st", the PLA birthday, which
is celebrated every year.
     Although the PLAAF (People's Liberation Army Air Force)
was established on 11 November 1949, the PLAAF air
demonstration team is also called Ba Yi.
     (IMO, the PLA insigniae on the Chinese vehicles are

   - J-10A (Jian-10A).

     Unofficial nicknames: Lavi II, Super Lavi.

     (The NATO ASCC (Air Standards Co-ordinating Committee)
hasn't assigned a code name to the J-10A, AFAIK.)

     In its screen shots, such as
     the J-10A has the nose number 81192 Red.

     For BF2 modders looking for artwork inspiration, or
just for fun,
     have a "fan art" collection of J-10As in different
markings, such as "03" in the PLAAF air demo team Ba Yi, and
as Pakistani AF.

     Later (2005.06.22):
     According to USN file footage, the real serial number
81192 was assigned to a J-8II (J-8B) Finback II flown by
comrade Lieutenant Commander WANG Wei, when it intercepted
an USN aircraft on 24 January 2001.
     The real 81192 belonged to (probably) the 25th
Regiment, 9th Division, South Sea Fleet, PLAN, based at
Ling Shui AB, Hai Nan Province, PRC.
     On Sunday, 1 April 2001, about 09:15 local time, in
the South China Sea, about 70 miles (112 kilometres) from
Hai Nan Island, Wang and his wingman intercepted an USN
EP-3E ARIES II (Airborne Reconnaissance Integrated
Electronic System II). Wang's J-8II, probably 81097, and
the EP-3E collided. He was MIA/BNR, and declared martyred.
     The EP-3E, USN BuNo 15611 and side code PR-32,
belonged to VQ-1 (Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1,
FAIRECONRON ONE) "World Watchers", USN, based at NAS
Whidbey Island, Washington State, USA. It was detached to
Misawa AFB, Aomori Prefecture, Japan; and staged missions
out of Kadena AFB, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.
     On 1 April 2001, the EP-3E was flown by Lieutenant
Shane Osborn, USN. It had 24 crew: 21 men and three women.
22 USN, one USMC, and one USAF.

     From Rick Kamer (2005.06.22):
     You are correct, 81192 is the plane Wang Wei flew in
Jan 2001 that was featured in the Navy video. It was not
the plane he was killed in.
     81811 would not be a helicopter. It would be Naval
bomber (but doesn't actually exist).
     I have never seen anything in the 1xx1 series.
     Other than 81192, the numbers are all made up based in
that number. I'm sure [it's] no coincidence that all the
digits in the other two are 1s and 8s.

     Later (2005.06.26):
     If anyone's looking for a model kit of the J-10A,
Trumpeter has a 1:72 version. See

     Later (Wednesday, 2006.04.05):
     Just noticed the 1:72 scale Shen Yang J-8II Finback B
model by Trumpeter (product number  01610) has a box art
that shows two J-8IIs: 81192 and 81196.

     The real J-8II "81192" is reportedly the J-8II that
comrade Lieutenant Commander WANG Wei, PLAN, flew on 1
April 2001, when it and an USN EP-3E ARIES II collided, and
Wang became MIA/BNR.
     I don't know whether Wang's wingman on that date is
actually 81196 or not?

     OTOH, as Trumpeter has the security clearance to
mass-produce the 1:72 scale Cheng Du J-10 model (product
number 01611), when the real PLAAF has neither confirmed
nor denied the J-10 programme, maybe Trumpeter knows
something I don't.
     (For comparison, Testor once made a F-19 Stealth
Fighter model, months before the USAF disclosed the F-117
Night Hawk, but the F-19 didn't much look like the F-117.)

     The J-10 in Battlefield 2 is "coincidentally" 81192.

     The decals for the J-8II model actually have many
numerics for the modeller to customise any number, although
81192 is one of the default numbers.
     The Trumpeter official site (AFAIK) still has an
illust that shows one J-8II, which is neither 81192 nor

     BTW, the real 81196 now evidently has an in-flight
refuelling probe and pumping.

   - Mi-17 Hip H.
     Transport helicopter.

     Also called: Mi-8MT.

     Unofficial nicknames: Sky Cow.

     In its screen shots, such as
     the Mi-17 has the nose number 81811 White.

   - NJ2046 (Nan Jing 2046).
     Heavy jeep.

   - Paratrooper Vehicle/FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle).

   - Su-30MKK or Su-30MKK2 Flanker G.

     MKK is short for "Mnogafunctunali Kommercial Kitayski",
meaning "Multifunctional Commercial for China".
     Unofficial nicknames (Chinese): Lan Sha ("Blue Shark").
     Unofficial nicknames (Russian): Suhar ("Dried Crust"),
Sushka ("Drying"), TPFI ("Future Heavy Tactical Fighter"),
Zhuravlik ("Baby Crane").

     In its screen shots, such as
     the Su-30MKK/MKK2 has the nose number 03.

     Later (2005.08.09):
     Chinese Military Aviation, by Hui Tong, at
     has some data and photos of PLAAF and PLAN J-11s,
Su-27s, and Su-30s.
     Particularly, the real Chinese two-seat Flanker with
nose number 03 can be: the Su-27UBK with serial number
     or a Su-30MKK.
     OTOH, the J-11s (license-produced Su-27SK) with nose
number 03, and serial number 11023 or 11083, are one-seat.

     From Hui Tong (2005.08.16):
     PLAAF has both 03 Su-27UBK and 03 Su-30MKK. PLAN
should have 03 Su-30MKK2. 03 UBK is in service with PLAAF
19th Div, 03 MKK with PLAAF 3rd Div, 03 MKK2 with PLAN 4th

   - Type 85.

   - Type 95.
     AA (Anti-Aircraft) vehicle.

     Also called: PGZ-95.

     The Type 95 has the number L012 on its sides.

     According to
     the Type 95 has "L012" on its left, rear (below PLA
insignia), and right sides.
     Also three Chinese words "Zheng Gui Jun" on the rear
side of its turret. The words mean "regular army" or
"regular military"; that is, not an irregular or
unconventional gang of insurgents or terrorists.
     Curiosity 1: Although clearly legible, the words are
mirrored left-side-right; that is, not inverted or mirrored
     Curiosity 2: The words are in traditional Chinese font
as used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, not in simplified Chinese
font as used in China and Singapore.

   - Type 98.
     MBT (Main Battle Tank).

   - UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
     MQ-1 Predator. USAF.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Vanilla, Patch 1.2.

   - WZ-10 (Wu zhuang Zhi sheng-10).
     Attack helicopter.

     The WZ-10 attack helo is probably based on the
British-Italian Agusta-Westland A129 International.
     and especially the Agusta-Westland official HP at

     In its screen shots, such as
     the WZ-10 has the nose number 1881 White.

     Incidentally, the A129 International and WZ-10 main
rotor has five blades, and the Italian Agusta A129 Mangusta
(Mongoose) has four.

     OTOH, its text description in the BF2 official HP at
     claims its "pilots sit side by side", and the first
current or near-future attack helo with this config that I
can think of is the Russian Kamov Ka-52 Hokum B or

     In the end, IMO the screen shot is correct, and EA will
correct the text description.
     At first glance, I thought the WZ-10 is a South
African Rooivalk.
     In the English (South Africa) news site SABC News
(South African Broadcasting Corporation), an article at,2172,382,00.html

     "China shows interest in SA Rooivalk"
     June 06, 2000, 12:45
     Rooivalk attack helicopter could be sold to China.
     China has shown an interest in buying South Africa's
Rooivalk attack helicopter.

   - WZ551.
     APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier).

     Also called: Type 90 or Type 92.

     The WZ in WZ551 probably isn't short for "Wu zhuang Zhi
sheng" (literally "weapon equipped, vertical ascend",
meaning "attack helicopter"), unlike the WZ in WZ-10.

     From turboshaft (2005.04.25):
     In addition to the Type 90/WZ-551 APC, the WZ
designation is also applied to a number of other armored
vehicles including the Type 98 MBT (WZ-123), the Type 59
copy of the T-54 (WZ-120) and the WZ-701 CP.
     According to the FAS, "Traditionally Chinese weapons
were given a simple 'Type' designator consisting of a two
digit year of manufacture or proposal followed by the
Chinese word for 'type', and the description of the weapon.
More recently designations have been based on a combination
of Pinyin letters and numbers that are independent of the
year of manufacture. Thus, a YW represents Armored
Personnel Carrier and a WZ represents Armed Vehicle."
     It gets more confusing, however.  In addition to the
AFV and attack helo connotations, the WZ suffix is also
applied to Chinese UAVs (Wuren Zhencha, as in the WZ-5 copy
of the Firebee -- also known as the WuChen-5 -- and the
twin-engined Guizhou WZ-2000 UCAV).
     And if that's not bad enough, the WZ acronym is also
used for Chinese turboshafts, including the Wozhou-8 (WZ-8)
copy of the Turbomeca Turmo produced by the Changzou Lan
Xiang Machinery Works (Jiangxi Helicopter Engine Factory)
for the Chenghe Z-8 (which is now being re-engined with the
P&WC PT6B-67C), and the Wozhou-8 (WZ-8) copy of the TM
Arriel produced by the China National South Aero-Engine
Company (Zhuzhiu Aero Engine Factory, aka SAEC) for the
Harbin Z-9/WZ-9 family.
     All of which presumably aids Beijing's MILDEC/CI

   - Z-8 (Zhi sheng-8).
     Transport helicopter.

5.2  MEC (Middle Eastern Coalition)

     From MA 2000 (2005.03.29):
     As I can read both Arabic and Chinese numbers, I
decided to have a look.
     On the side of the Havoc helicopter (from the
screenshot in, I can see a "13"  painted on
the side.
     On the screenshot of the Su-34 Flanker (from the same
site), the Arabic numerals read "42".
     Not sure if it is of any significance though, because
MEC is a fictional force.

   - 2S6M1 Tunguska M1.
     AA vehicle.

     Unofficial nicknames: 2S6M1/2K22M1
Treugaolnik/Tunguska (S~s{p) M1, with 9M311/SA-19

   - BTR-90.

     BTR is short for "Bronyetransporter", meaning "Armoured

   - D-30.

     2A18M/M1963 Lyagushka 122 mm towed howitzer.

   - Paratrooper Vehicle/FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle).

     The MEC FAV has the number PT254 on its sides,@beside
its seats.

   - GAZ-39371 Vodnik.
     Armoured car.

     The GAZ-39371 has the number 0803 on its front bumper,
left rear side, and right rear side.

   - Mi-17 Hip H.
     Transport helicopter.

     Unofficial nicknames: Boj'ya Korovka ("Ladybird"),
Karlson (a character who lived in a penthouse on a roof top
and used a small propellor on his back to get airborne, from
a children's book by Swedish author Astred Lindgren),
Sky Cow, Zhivoglot ("Eat alive"), Zmey Gorinich (a
three-headed dragon from Russian folklore), Zontik

   - Mi-35 Hind E.
     Attack helicopter.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Maps: Iron Gator, Mass Destruction, &c.

   - Mi-28A Havoc.
     Attack helicopter.

     In its screen shots, the Mi-28A has the tail number 1801 White.

   - MiG-29M Fulcrum.

     Unofficial nicknames: Gorbatch ("Hatchback"), Strizh

     In its screen shots, such as
     the MiG-29 has the side and tail numbers 569 White.

   - Su-34 (Cy-34) Fullback.

     Also called: Su-32FN, Su-32, or Su-27IB ("Istrebitel-
Bombardirovshchik" or "fighter-bomber").
     Unofficial nicknames: Platypus, Utkanos ("duckbill" or

     In its screen shots, such as
     the Su-34 has the number QH308.

   - T-90.

     The T-90 has the number 416 on the sides of its

     From General Eric (2005.07.25):
     The T-90's commanders gun is wrong too, in real life
the T-90 commander fires the top gun from inside the tank,
not standing in the open like the M1A2.

   - UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
     MQ-1 Predator. USAF.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Vanilla, Patch 1.2.

     "I cannot recognise either the Palestinian state or the
     Israeli state. Don't be angry, [Palestine Authority
     Chairman] Abu Mazen, but the Palestinians are idiots
     and the Israelis are idiots."
     - Libyan President Colonel Muammar Gadhafi, at Algiers,
       Algeria, on Thursday, 24 March 2005

5.3  USA (United States of America)

     "When I take action, I'm not going to fire a $2
     million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in
     the butt."
     - United States President George W Bush, circa
       October 2002

     From MaliceDirtyDog (2005.08.05):
     [I'm] a LCPL in the Marines, no bs I know some kids
are full of s* on here but seriously.
     Our digital cammies have little tiny black USMC Eagle
Globe and Anchors worked into the digital patern. You can
find one about every 15inch radius. Wouldn't see them
unless you knew you were looking for one.
     There is also a black eagle globe anchor stitched onto
the left breast pocket. That is it as far as anything added
onto our cammies. Period... the rest of that crap is for
the Army and Airforce.

     From erikl57 (2005.04.11):
     for the codes being wrong, People were complaining
about chopper code being wrong (Even though none of them
even have any idea how a chopper flys), The devs replyed by
saying they went to an airbase and watched helis perform
manvauvers where they took down info and pictures, Which my
guess is they used those for references which is probaly
why their wrong.

   - AH-1Z King Cobra.
     Attack helicopter.

     Unofficial nicknames: Shark, Snake, Zulu Cobra.
     Not to be confused with the AH-1W Super Cobra, also
called Whiskey Cobra.

     In its screen shots, such as
     the AH-1Z has the nose number 18081, and the tail code OT
or QT.

     The real tail code OT is the 85th TES (Test and
Evaluation Squadron) "Skulls", 53rd TEG (Test and Evaluation
Group), 53rd Wing, 1st AF, ACC, USAF, based at Eglin AFB,
Florida, USA; and the 422nd TES "Green Bats", 53rd TEG, 53rd
Wing, 1st AF, ACC, USAF, based at Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA.
     Not USMC.
     The 85th TES is equipped with the F-15C/E Eagle/Strike
Eagle, and F-16C/D Block 42/50 Fighting Falcon. The 422nd
TES is equipped with the A-10A Thunderbolt II, F-15C/D/E
Eagle/Strike Eagle, F-16C/D Block 42/50/52 Fighting Falcon,
and F/A-22A Raptor.

     According to a list of USAF, USMC, and USN tail codes at
     the real tail code QT is the HMT-303 (Marine Helicopter
Training Squadron 303). The HMT-303 isn't a combat squadron,
and is assigned to MAG-39 (Marine Air Group 39), 3 MAW (3rd
Marine Aircraft Wing), I MEF (Marine Expeditionary Force),
USMC, based at MCAS Camp Pendleton, California, USA. It
operates the AH-1W Super Cobra and UH-1N Iroquois.

     From Knight725 (2005.08.05):
     You can tell when you're flying the Super Cobra, 8 TV
guided missles on the model, but they're always there even
if you fire off all 8 rounds you get.

     From Joe5now (2005.08.05):
     The missiles on the planes are part of the plane model
itself, and aren't anything to do with the projectile that
comes out of your plane and causes the damage.

   - AH-64D Apache Longbow.
     Attack helicopter.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Maps: Ghost Town (32/64), Iron Gator (32/64),
Leviathan (64), &c.

     "If it [death] is by an [IDF AH-64] Apache or by
     cardiac arrest, I prefer that it will be by Apache."
     - Dr Abdel Aziz Rantisi, Hamas, circa early 2004

   - DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle).
     Wessex-Saker FAAV.

     Also called: FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) or LSV (Light
Strike Vehicle).

   - F-15E Strike Eagle.

     Unofficial nicknames: Beagle, Big Bird, ETF (Enhanced
Tactical Fighter), Flying Tennis Court, Mud Hen, Rodan.

     In its screen shots, such as
     the F-15E has the tail code AA 1001. But according to a
list of USAF, USMC, and USN tail codes at
     the real AA belongs to CVW-17 (Carrier Air Wing 17),
USN; not USAF.

     Later (2005.06.22):
     On the USAF F-15E, the back-seater is the WSO (Weapon
Systems Officer). On the USN F-4 Phantom II and F-14 Tomcat,
the back-seater is the RIO (Radar Intercept Officer). Both
are sometimes called GIB (Guy In Back) or SLB (Self-Loading

   - F-35B Lightning II.

     Also called: JSF (Joint Strike Fighter).

     Breaking US military designation traditions, the F-35B
is an one-seater, not a two-seater.
     F-35A for CTOL (Conventional Take Off and Landing),
F-35B for STOVL (Short Take Off and Vertical Landing), F-35C
for CV (Carrier Variant).

     In its screen shots, such as
     the F-35 has the nose number 21, "MARINES" on its
sides, and tail code VA.

     The real tail code VA is the 149th FS "Rebel Riders",
192nd FW/OG, Virginia ANG, 9th AF, ACC, USAF, based at
Richmond IAP/Byrd Field, Virginia, USA.
     Not USMC.
     The 149th FS is equipped with the F-16C/D Block 30
Fighting Falcon.

   - F/A-18E Super Hornet.

     Unofficial nicknames: Plastic Bug, Rhino.

     In its screen shots, such as
     the F/A-18E belongs to VMFA-400, has nose number 181,
and tail code WW. But according to a list of USAF, USMC,
and USN tail codes at
     the real USMC doesn't seem to have a VMFA-400 (Marine
Strike Fighter Squadron 400).

     The real tail code WW is the 13th FS (Fighter
Squadron) "Panthers" and 14th FS "Samurais", of the 35th FW
(Fighter Wing), 5th AF (Air Force), PACAF (Pacific Air
Forces), ACC (Air Combat Command), USAF, based at Misawa
AB, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Not USMC.

   - HH-60H Sea Hawk.
     Transport helicopter.

     Unofficial nicknames: Catfish, Crash Hawk, Lawn Dart,
UTTAS (Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System), Velcro

     In its screen shots, such as
     the HH-60H Sea Hawk belongs to the USMC, and has the
nose number 818. The number 818 is also on its bottom side.

     AFAIK, the real USN uses the HH-60 and SH-60 Sea Hawk.
The real USMC primarily uses the CH-47, CH-53, and MV-22;
and AFAIK, the real USMC doesn't use any CH-60, HH-60, or
     IIRC, the real HH-60H carries 4 crew (pilot, co-pilot,
two gunners) + 8 passengers.

     From UICnDUBBLE (Tuesday, 2006.03.28):
     IIRC yes, the [Black Hawk] pilot sits on the right,
and every other transport helo sits on the left.
     Or my dyslexia could be in kicking...

     From Ben M (2005.07.20):
     I just wanted to add that the USMC Helicopter
squadrons do not operate any HH-60's in combat roles, the
only HH-60 in the USMC belongs to HMX-1 (Marine Helicopter
Squadron 1) the President's air transportation. Also the
HH-60 can seat 8 passenger's not 6.

   - LAV-25 (Light Armoured Vehicle-25) Piranha III.
     APC, 8x8.

     Unofficial nicknames: Destroyer (Iraq), Pig.

     The LAV-25 has the number 16014 on the sides of its

   - LW155 Lightweight 155 mm Howitzer.
     M198 155 mm towed howitzer.

   - M1A2 SEP Abrams.

     SEP is short for "Systems Enhancement Programme".
     Unofficial nicknames: Dracula, The Beast, Whispering

     Later (2005.08.10):
     have the front view of the Abrams in BF2.

     The first line of the markings is apparently "D", then
"CO 2 ARM BN".
     The second line is apparently "TA", then a number.

     From outlawstar289 (2005.08.10):
     It stands for...
     The second line I [don't] know what it means, but it
says TA and then is followed by a number.
     TA stands for Tank, Army.
     has the rear view of the Abrams in BF2.

     At the upper left and right corners are apparently "TA

     From goodgrades (2005.07.31):
     The V's are for identifying the squad and the tank
number and stuff.

     From BLoody eViL (2005.07.31):
     /\ = alpha
     > = bravo
     \/ = charlie
     < = delta

     From extanker (2005.07.25):
     If we're being nitpicky here, the commanders 50 cal
mount is also wrong.
     The M1A2 50 cal mount was changed [a lot]. It's just a
machine gun on a turret ring and the commander has to swing
it around by himself. The one on the tank in the game is
the old mount from M1s and M1A1s. They used to be powered
and could be fired from inside the tank with a persicope.
It looks completely different from the mount on an M1A2.
     Also, as far as I know, the USMC doesn't even HAVE any
M1A2s yet, but I could be wrong about that one.
     So I just pretend I'm playing as an Army tanker ;)

     From extanker (2005.07.25):
     The smoke grenade launchers are wrong for a Marine
Abrams. Marine tanks use a different type. Here's a photo:
     [Two columns of four tubes per column.]
     The Humvees are also missing the snorkel for the air
filter and exhaust. The vehicles in the game are definitely
modeled after Army versions. Well, except for the LAV-25
which is only used by the Marines.
     Even funnier is if you look at the pics on the box
(the DVD version anyway) there is a pic of an Abrams with a
multi-barreled device mounted above the main gun. It's a
good thing they took that off since it is a Hoffman Device
and its used to SIMULATE firing the main gun during
TRAINING excersises. (and it's mounted wrong too).
     And yes I spent quite a few years driving these

     From Magical_Zebra (2005.07.25):
     Those are the smoke grenade [launchers]. [Definitely]
not gunner sights. The gunner's primary sight look out
through a small camera just above the main gun. The back up
literally looks right through the bore.
     Actually the sight on the Abrams is on top of the
turret and to the left. If you are facing the tank, [it's]
the small rectangular box to the left of the main cannon on
top of the turret. Looks like a freshly cleaned camera lens.

     From Barracuda_Magoo (2005.07.25):
     Not only do most tanks have smoke launchers, but most
MP Humvees have launchers capable of using smoke, tear gas,
flares, [etc].

     From Asagiri Yohko (2005.07.25):
     In the good old days, the gunner fires the co-axial MG
at the target, and if the MG causes sparks on the target,
then the gunner fires the cannon.
     "On the waaay!"

     From Ben M (2005.07.20):
     The Marines do not operate the M1A2 SEP [Abrams] tank,
only the Army operates them due to the fact that the
Marines have a unique requirements [sic] for the tank they
were not able to update the M1A2 to meet their requirements.

   - M6 Bradley Linebacker.
     AA vehicle.

     Also called: BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle).

     In the game, the M6 has the number 4046.

   - M1025/M1026 HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled
     Heavy jeep.

     Also called: Hummer or Humvee.

     The HMMWV has the number M4212 on its sides, beside
its front wheels.

   - M1045/M1046 HMMWV TOW Carrier.
     Heavy jeep.

     TOW is short for "Tube-launched, Optically-tracked,
Wire command-link guided missile".

     Also called: Hummer TOW.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

   - MD-530 Little Bird.
     Attack helicopter.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

     Also called: AH-6C/AH-6J Little Bird, MD-500 Defender,
OH-6A Cayuse.
     Unofficial nicknames: Egg, Flying Egg, Loach (from LOH
= Light Observation Helicopter).

     "5P-M" on left and right sides of fuselage, below main
rotor. "MARINES" on tail boom.

   - RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat).

   - UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
     MQ-1 Predator. USAF.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Vanilla. Patch 1.2.

     The UAV in the game (before the 1.2 patch) is
invisible, except as a small icon in the mini-map, and
can't be shot down by infantry or vehicles, AFAIK. It also
detects enemies inside or under buildings. (Maybe an
ultra-tech X-ray camera that sees through walls, a la Blue

     Tail number 10-080.

     From FLIPINOMAD (Wednesday, 2006.02.22):
     Its [sic] the same UAV in all armies in game, they
[non-US armies] are using the Predator MQ-1.

     From Colinator (2005.08.07):
     It's produced by the UAV trailer which is at both
teams' main bases. You can destroy their trailer and they
can destroy yours.

     From marioblah (2005.08.07):
     You [can't] destroy a UAV [it's] just... there.

     From Scarey Lizzard (2005.08.07):
     You can destroy the UAV station which is usually at
your enemies main base. It's the small building with kind
of a tube hooked up to a small box...

   - Wasp Class Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship.

     LHD-2 USS Essex. "The Mighty Iron Gator."
     Based at USN Fleet Activities Sasebo, Nagasaki
Prefecture, Japan.
     Motto: "Take Notice."
     (No relation to HOTel cORAL esSEX.)

     LHD is short for "Landing ship, Helicopter, Dock".

     Maps: Da Lian Plant, Dragon Valley, Gulf of Oman,
Iron Gator (Special Forces), Zatar Wetlands.

     Unlike in BF2:SF, CTOL jet fighters, such as the
F/A-18E Super Hornet, cannot take off or land on the real
Wasp Class. Only VTOL helicopters and STOVL jet fighters,
such as the AV-8B Harrier II Plus and F-35 Lightning II,

     Mk 15 (Mark 15) Phalanx Mod 1A, 20 mm CIWS (Close-In
Weapon System).

     Unofficial nicknames: R2-D2, Sea Whiz.

     Mk 29 Mod 1 NATO Sea Sparrow SAM (Surface-to-Air
Missile) launcher.

     "See, in my line of work, you got to keep repeating
     things over and over and over again, for the truth to
     sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."
     - US President George W Bush, at Greece, New York,
       USA, Tuesday, 24 May 2005


   - ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Factions: ?

   - BMP-3.

     BMP is short for "Bronevaya Maschina Piekhota",
meaning "armoured vehicle, infantry".

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Factions: ?

   - Desert Raider.
     Israeli AIL (Automotive Industries Limited)

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Factions: ?

   - Jet ski.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Factions: ?

   - Mi-35 Hind E.
     Attack helicopter.

     Unofficial nicknames: "Devil's Chariot", "Hunchback",
Krokodil ("Crocodile"), Shmel' ("Bumble Bee").

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Factions: Russian Spetsnaz.
     Maps: Iron Gator, Mass Destruction, &c.


   - Challenger 2.
     MBT. British Army.

     Factions: European Union.
     Debut: Battlefield 2: Euro Force.

     The Challenger 2 has "04" on at least left, right, and
rear sides of its turret.

   - Eurocopter (PAH-2) Tiger (Tigre) HAP.
     Attack helicopter, Kampfhubschrauber. French Army.

     HAP, the French Army variant, is short for
"Helicoptere d'Appui Protection", or "Helicopter for Close

     Factions: European Union.
     Debut: Battlefield 2: Euro Force.

     Nose number T-VK903, tail number 82-04.

     One GIAT-30 30 mm cannon (chin), eight Trigat-LR
anti-tank missiles (two launchers x four rounds), two
launchers x 12 rounds.

     From seahawk (Sunday, 2006.03.26):
     It resembles a Spanish HAD, at least a bit.

   - Eurofighter Typhoon T1 [sic].
     Fighter. Royal Air Force, plus: Italian Air Force,
Luftwaffe (German Air Force), Spanish Air Force.

     Also called: ACA (Agile Combat Aircraft), EAP
(European Aircraft Programme), ECA (European Combat
Aircraft), ECF (European Combat Fighter), EFA (European
Fighter Aircraft), EF2000 (Eurofighter 2000), FEFA (Future
European Fighter Aircraft).

     Factions: European Union.
     Debut: Battlefield 2: Euro Force.

     Tail number ZH588.

     The T1 is actually the Tranche 1 two-seat trainer RAF
variant. The first operational one-seat fighter RAF variant
is the F2.

     Later (Tuesday, 2006.02.21):
     The real ZH588 is the Eurofighter 2000 prototype DA2. First
flew on 6 April 1994, piloted by Chris Yeo, BAe Director of Flight
Operations, Warton, Lancashire, England, UK. Nine days after the
Luftwaffe DA1 98+29.

     From colony (Saturday, 2006.04.01):
     It handles completely different but has same weapons
as other fighters.

   - Leopard 2A6.
     MBT, Kampfpanzer (KPz). Heer (German Army).

     Factions: European Union.
     Debut: Battlefield 2: Euro Force.

     At front right corner, marked "70".

     From gjergjkastrioti (2006.03.15):
     German and Dutch Leo 2A6 have the same camouflage.

     From fazer01 (2006.03.15):
     The number on the fender indicates the bridge class of
the vehicle. It has to do with weight, not unit.

5.6  Armored Fury

   - A-10C Thunderbolt II.
     Attacker. USAF.

     Unofficial nicknames: Hawg, Hog, Porker, SLAT (Slow
Low Aerial Target), Tank-Killer, Warthog.

     The first Thunderbolt is the WWII era USAAF P-47 Thunderbolt
single-piston engine, single-seat fighter.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Armored Fury.

     "ME", "25", and "790516" on tail fins.
     "ME" is not a real USAF tail code, AFAIK.

     Cannon x 1, dumb bombs x 4.

   - Car.

     License plate "2142".

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Armored Fury.
     Maps: Midnight Sun.

     1973 Plymouth Duster.

     From Crazy_Cubano (Tuesday, 4 July 2006):
     He is right it is a 1973 340 Duster... I own one of
these cars my self (except mine is a 1971) They did a
pretty good job on it too... the dash looks just like the
real car... check it out...

   - EC-635.
     Reconnaissance helicopter. MEC.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Armored Fury.

     "M 808 M" on left and right sides of fuselage, below
main rotor.
     "KHE-257" on side-mounted gun pod.

   - MiG-31 Firefox.
     Hypersonic, psy-commu, stealth fighter. FSU/Russian

   - Q-5 (Qiang-5) Fantan.
     Attacker. PLAAF.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Armored Fury.

     Nose number 10660 Red.
     Drop tanks x 2, Dumb bombs x 4, Type 23-2K 23 mm cannons x 2 (wing 

     According to Rick's PLAAF serial numbers matrix at
"10660" logically belongs to the 5th Division (1XX6X = 16 >
16 - 11 = 5), PLAAF. The real 5th Division, based at Wei
Fang AB, Shan Dong Province, Ji Nan Military Region,
northeastern PRC; contains the 13th, 14th, and 15th
Regiments, and actually drives the Q-5. 8)

     Later (2006.03.17):
     has five pages of photos of the PLAAF Q-5 office
     Instruments are labelled in Chinese. 8)

     (In Battlefield 2: Armored Fury, I wonder whether the
virtual Q-5 office is also labelled in Chinese?)

     From GoldenDragon (2006.02.20):
     [The red half-circle marks] are visual cues on the wing roots
and fences. Most likely used for formation flying. The large wing
fences can confuse depth perception from a wingman looking from the

     Later (2006.02.18):
     Haven't found a photo of the real 10660 Red yet. The
closest (but no cigar) that I found is a photo of the real
10661 Red, at

   - Su-39 (Cy-39) Frogfoot.
     Attacker. FSU/Russian AF.

     Also called: Su-25T.
     Unofficial nicknames: Gratch ("Rook", radio call sign
of the Su-25 in Afghanistan (1979-1989)), Grebenka or
Grebeshok or Rascheska ("Comb"), Konyok-Gorbunok (a
fictional animal, an ugly and small horse or pony that
outperformed its bigger and faster comrades, from a fairy
tale by Bazhenov), "Little Critter", LSSh (Lyogkiy Samolyot
Shturmovik or "Light Weight Attack Aircraft"), SPB
(Samolyot Polya Boya or "Battlefield Aircraft"), Steam
Locomotive (Czechoslovakia), Sturmovik, The German Product

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Armored Fury.

     Nose number "13 Black".
     Cannon x 1, dumb bombs x 4.

   - Truck.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Armored Fury.
     Maps: Operation Road Rage.

     Possibly a Freightliner FLD 12064 Conventional.

   - WZ-11 (Zhi sheng-11).
     Reconnaissance helicopter. PLA.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Armored Fury.

     "7035-31052" on tail boom.

     "Think Russian."
     - Major Mitchell Gant (Clint Eastwood), USAF
       (Retired), MiG-31 Firefox pilot, Firefox (Movie:


   - Civilian car.

     Driver on the left side. Gunner on the right side.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Factions: ?
     Maps: ?

   - Civilian pick-up truck.

     Also called: Technical.
     Driver on the left side. Gunner on the right side.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Factions: ?
     Maps: ?

     Possibly a Nissan.

   - Forklift.

     Possibly an electric counterbalanced forklift.

     Debut: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
     Factions: ?
     Maps: Leviathan, Night Flight.

     The player can't lower/raise the fork on the forklift. 8(



     "Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they
     have ever made a difference in the world, but the
     [United States] Marines don't have that problem."
     - United States President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

     "We are determined that before the sun sets on this
     terrible struggle, our flag will be recognised
     throughout the world as a symbol of freedom on the one
     hand, and of overwhelming force on the other."
     - General George Catlett Marshall, United States Army

     This is a list of on-line quick reference links for the
real-world locations that are *reportedly* in Battlefield 2,
according to:

6.1  PRC

     "Join the Army, go to interesting places, meet
     interesting people, and kill them."
     - Ancient Chinese proverb

<Under Construction>

   - Da Lian Plant (Da Lian Nuclear Power Plant).
     Da Lian, Liao Ning Province, PRC.

   - Da Qing Oilfields.
     Hei Long Jiang Province, PRC.

   - Dragon Valley.

   - Fu She Pass ("Radiation Pass", formerly Glowing Pass).

   - Song Hua Stalemate.

     The Chinese (Simplified) words on this building
     "Judicial Office"

     The Chinese words on this building
     "Speed Printing Centre
     Publisher - PC Convenience Store"

6.2  MEC

     "You ever met anybody you didn't kill?"
     - Sergeant Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), Los Angeles
       Police Department

     "Well, I haven't killed you yet."
     - Sergeant Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), Los Angeles
       Police Department, Lethal Weapon (1987)

<Under Construction>

   - Gulf of Oman.

   - Kubra Dam.
     Saudi Arabia.

   - Mashtuur City.

     I don't know what the Arabic words in this
"Dice-cream" sign

   - Operation Clean Sweep.
     Middle East.

   - Sharqi Peninsula.
     Middle East.

   - Strike at Karkand.
     Middle East.

     Karkand Airport.

   - Zatar Wetlands. Yemen.

6.3  USA

<Under Construction>

   - Wake Island 2007.

     A6M Zero.


<Under Construction>

   - Devil's Perch.
     MEC Special Forces vs US Navy SEALs.

   - Ghost Town.
     Caspian Sea.
     British SAS vs Russian Spetsnaz.

   - Iron Gator.
     MEC Special Forces vs US Navy SEALs.

   - Leviathan.
     Persian Gulf.
     MEC Special Forces vs US Navy SEALs.

     Vanguard Class SSBN (Ship Submersible Ballistic
Nuclear) Trident ballistic missile submarine. Royal Navy,

   - Mass Destruction.
     Southern Russia.
     Rebels vs Russian Spetsnaz.

   - Night Flight.
     British SAS vs Insurgents.

     An-124 Ruslan, or Condor (NATO).
     Long-range heavy transport aircraft. FSU/Russian AF.

     Not the USAF MAC C-5 Galaxy, which has the tail
horizontal stabilisers at the top of the tail fin.

   - Surge.
     Rebels vs Russian Spetsnaz.

     ICBM or rocket.

     Looks similar to the US NASA Titan III/IV Centaur
rocket, but the lengths/proportions of the head and neck
seem different. 8(

     Also looks similar to the Chinese CZ-3C Chang Zheng 3C
(Long March 3C), but the length of the neck seems
different. 8(

     Might be a Chinese KT-2 or KT-2A?

   - Warlord.
     Fallujah, Afghanistan [sic].
     British SAS vs Insurgents.

     The first edition of the BF2:SF manual claimed
Fallujah is in Afghanistan, not Iraq. 8b


   - Operation Smoke Screen.
     Middle East.
     EU vs MEC.

   - Taraba Quarry.
     Caspian Sea.
     EU vs MEC.

   - The Great Wall [of China].
     EU vs PLA.


   - Midnight Sun.
     Valdez, Alaska, USA.
     PLA vs USMC.

   - Operation Harvest.
     Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.
     MEC vs USMC.

   - Operation Road Rage.
     MEC vs USMC.

     "11" in Interstate Shield and "JCT". "71" in diamond
symbol and "RED RIDGE AVE".

     "32" in Interstate Shield, "99" in Interstate Shield,
and "EAST".

     "We're in greater danger today than we were the day
     after Pearl Harbour. Our military is absolutely
     incapable of defending this country."
     - United States President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

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