Best known for their participation in assassination missions or covert operations deep behind enemy lines, Russia's Speznas or Special Purpose Forces have earned international recognition for being some of the toughest and adaptive soldiers any country has ever fielded. Alfa group's existence is no secret in Russia, but their operations are classified. Alfa Group was formed in 1974 as a part of the 7th (Surveillance) Directorate of the KGB with a counter-terrorist and crime fighting role. Alfa operators saw service in Afghanistan and Chechnya, as well as domestic operations. They continue to exist to this day. International relations continue to be stressed to the breaking point, violent disputes and outbreaks continue to be propagated by terrorist factions opposed to the political or religious ideals of the governing powers and the need for highly trained forces to combat these threats continues to become increasingly important. Regardless of the circumstance, Alfa is called upon when skill, control and a reckless disregard for personal safety is apex to the success of a mission any normal soldier would deem impossible. Alfa: Antiterror is a turn based tactical combat simulator that lets the player control Russia's special operations force through a four episode campaign based on the real life experiences of former Alfa members.

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