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Were can i take champion and the last spec for my warior ?

Im warior and i need to find 1 and 4 spec

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sepheroth5 answered:

Actually, it doesn't prevent you from getting it at all.


You can save your game before talking to the man who asks you to take the blood, then agree to help him, getting the Reaver class unlocked normally by destroying the ashes. But after you unlock it, reload your game to before you agreed to befoul the shrine, and kill him or whatever to do the quest normally. You will still have Reaver unlocked as classes stay through reloads. Hope this helps! And yes I've tried it, it works.
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weeman031390 answered:

Your Question is a bit vague but you get 2 spec points total, one at 7 and the other at 14. those specs then unlock a new tech tree in your skill menu when you level up.
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hamalander answered:

I think he wants to know were you get the champion and reaver specialties.... as would I.
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Sareph answered:

You get the Champion specialization from Arl Eamon after doing the sacred ashes quest. Doing this prevents you from getting the Reaver specialization, and vice versa.
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Dramaticnoob answered:

You can actually get both without having to save/load you just grab a bit of the ashes before you deystroy them you still can give the ashes to the earl and get the reaver spec
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