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How do you get Sten to join your party?

How do you get Sten to join your party? (Just met him for the first time in Lothering.) Revered mother won't let him leave.

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doomtaggert answered:

I think you have to go to the tavern and recruit the priest lady into your party. Have her with you when you talk to the revered mother and she will trust you I believe. I had her already when I talked to the mother, so I dunno if thats required.
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tod_engel answered:

You can also intimidate the mother to give you the key. Granted both Alistair and Morrigan will disapprove, though.
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weeman031390 answered:

To tod,
alistair disapproves, morrigan approves but only slightly
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tod_engel answered:

On my save, both have disapproved. I guess it depends on your dialogue choices, but either way intimidation is the fastest and the easiest way to get Sten.
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salatrin answered:

I simply just selected Leliana as my active character and picked the lock on his cage.
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dj_threnody answered:

I had a few levels of persuasion....she gave me the key easily enough
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Ferretine answered:

You can pick the lock with either about 20 points in Cunning or one rank in Lock picking.
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StreetRage86 answered:

Just have leliana in the party to get the key from the revered mother and then talk to him and tell him to join you for his atonement. I don't use him though because Alistair is good enough.
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