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what happens if you side with the demon in the wardens keep DLC quest?

I just can't decide wether or not to release the demon or not what are pros/cons of releaseing/not releaseing.

drinz asked for clarification:

Well, i tried it both ways and besides having to kill the mage, nothing has happened differently, If anybody has had any other things happened after, please fill free to speak up

DargonSwift asked for clarification:

I opted to kill her, and got the armor, but I can't beat all the demons when the mage tries to destroy the summoning circles. Might go back to a saved game and opt to side with her. Is the mage easier to kill?

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nullrouter answered:


From Warden's Keep if you side with Sophia you will be asked to clear out a tower containing a blood mage. In return for this, you will be given 8 gold pieces and 50 silver pieces. Accept this deal, goto the tower and kill the mage that awaits. You will acquire a robe from him that enhances your blood magic (if you are a blood mage at this point). You will also obtain a dragonbone Winterbreath staff (retail value 96 gold pieces). In addition to all of this goodness, you will have the option to drink a weird substance that will introduce additional magic based around blood (this does not make you a blood mage).

Once done with the tower, return to Sophia and fend off the other demons while she secures the gateway to the Fade. When done, remind her you had a deal for payment in gold she will tell where it is hidden then select the option to kill her. She should go down pretty easy. You will then obtain a suit of Wardens Commander armor.
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ShadowKaroth answered:

I believe the change would be you don't get the Wardens Commander Armor.
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trh5001 answered:

If your cunning and coercion are high enough you can convicne sophia to seal the fade before you kill the mage then just go side with the mage and come back and kill her.
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Kirotaka answered:

I convinced Sophia to close the fade before going to deal with the mage. There's a couple of options when talking to her and one is specifically:

(Persuade)(Lie) I'll go kill the mage.

Once you've spoken to him and let him live (I said he could continue his experiments but not on live subjects) go back to Sophia and tell her the deal is off. Kill her and get the Wardens armour. It's a very good level 7 set but it annoyingly it doesn't come with a helm.
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