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Reaver spec?

where and how can i get the Reaver Specialisation for my warrior?

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But what happens to the Urn of sacred Ashes? will becoming a Reaver prevent me from reviving Arl Aemon cuz i put the item in the urn?

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pseudodeus answered:

You don't have to go to Redcliffe as mentioned above. You DO have to go do Urn of Sacred Ashes quest which takes you to Haven and the temple there. Liliana or wynn (maybe other 'good' characters) will attack you if you help the cult and desecrate the Urn with the dragon's blood. On a side note, just like other specs, you can unlock Reaver and then reload a previous save if you don't want to lose party members. Reaver (and any other spec you do this with) will still be unlocked.
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tp_RavenX answered:


Well first off you gotta go to Red Cliffe and do all that and get the quest for the Urn of Secret Ashes and follow that on out. Eventually it'll take you to New Haven and from there basicly turn the town against you and you go up the moutian and keep fighting your way up. Eventually you'll get to a guy who talks to you and see's you as a champion for there cause potentially. Agree to help him and he takes you to the shrine of the urn. Once you go through the shrine you dump the item he gives you into the urn. Take note if you do this Liliana will die, no way around it. And after all that you go back outside and talk to the dude and he gives you dragons blood to drink and voila you have reaver.
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TLHE answered:

As has been mentioned elsewhere, you can take a pinch of the ashes (which you can take back to the Arl to get the Champion spec) and then pour the blood in. Whatever you do, just don't tell Liliana.
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Rojomungus answered:

Just to clear up what Pseudo said, you don't have to do Redcliffe to do the Urn quest. The alternate way to start it is to go to Denerim and walk in to Brother Genitivi's house and catch the traitor there in his lie.

Don't take Leiliana with you to the urn!
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Reapper77 answered:

Just to clear a little bit of what EVERYBODY said... U can go,and as pseudo says reload later, but if U intend on going THAT WAY, U can't take neither leliana, wynne OR alistair... any of'em will turn their backs on you if U desecrate the urn W/ dragon's blood... a choice I recommend, for party, (if U have the DLC), go w/ U, Morrigan, Sten, and Shale the Golem, If U don't have the DLC, just take Zevran...
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