Question from Sobelizard87

With the command console the add gold only make me go negitive?

So when I do the add gold command all it does is like subtrace 3-4 gold form me each time and not give me any, also when i use the add approval one its not working

Accepted Answer

infantryman110 answered:

Just to let you know, 9,000,000 copper (900 gold) is the max you can go. I implore you not to go over it.
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AsanteRevell answered:

stop being so greedy and add less
and have a space between runscript, the command, X, and Y?
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tod_engel answered:

The addgold command works only in copper
so if you want 1492g 39s 15c your numbers would have to be 14923915
as 1 gold = 10 silver = 100 copper
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infantryman110 answered:

Beware, if you add to much you'll go negative and no matter what you do you can't fix it. good way to mess up the origin story you were about to beat...
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