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Flemeths Grimoire?

Circle tower is such a huge place =P anyone have any luck in finding the book?

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bellwar answered:

Black grimoire is at chest named "Irvings Chest" at irvins room, 2nd floor, looking from the Door entrance of the room, is at left corner in front of you.
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silverion2 answered:

I believe it is on the third floor in Irving's room on the table. Just use TAB to highlight objects that you can pick up.
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rikasha answered:

It's in one of the lootable locations in Irving's room in the 2nd floor. It will come up as the "Black Grimoire" until you give it to Morrigan.
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Starmoonz answered:

Just look for interactive desks. One should have the "Black Grimoire". (I think the name of the desk is "First Enchanter's Desk" or something)
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