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More party members mean slower leveling?

I noticed that even thogh i dont use some members, they still get XP, but the question is: lets say i get 100 XP, does every member get 100 XP or every member get's a part from the 100?

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AbandonedFish answered:

I think everyone gets full XP.

You can have a large amount of people sitting in reserve. Dividing XP amongst all those would be really illogical. People sitting on the benches are supposed to level up with you, otherwise they'd be weaklings when you come to use them for whatever reason. This was also how it worked in other Bioware games.
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TDubau answered:

I myself noticed that it matters who gives the finnishig blow - in my experience, he who finishes up the baddie, gets the xp, and all other get a percentage of that (don't know the exact formula to calculate the received xp for the other party members, sorry).
What I do (at least for the begining part of the game) is I let my companions soften up the baddies (a lot of micro management is involved, but it's doable, I also found out recently how to employ tactics to the same effect, but it's still experimental), and I finnish the job using my main character.
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Zacarius2 answered:

Everyone gets full Exp, even the ones sitting in camp, currently knocked down from combat, even party members you haven't picked up yet.

All members get full and same exp from all kills, quest, and codeci. There are plotline events that only your player character will get exp from (such as becoming a grey warden). You will notice this because at the start, Alistar, Morrigan and all other members are higher level than your PC, but at the end of my game my PC was 2 levels ahead of all the others, while they all kept their relative exp position to each other. (for me I learned their level up order, it was always Wynne, a few kills later Lelina, then a while later Alistar. The rest were in camp and when I cycled them in they would level up.)

As for the exp apearing over the head of whomever gets the killing blow, Bioware has stated that it was there way of showing who actually did it, and to keep the clustter from cascading over the PC's head like in one of their beta builds.
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