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How do I give Gifts to Party Members While I Am In Camp ?

How do I give Gifts to Party Members While I Am In Camp ? I can give them gifts while they travel with me on quests but I can't seem to find a way to give them gifts while they are in camp, was just wondering about that since it says that if one hands out gifts to them while in camp, there is a chance gain more influence over them there while resting.

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Thanks Raven that helped :)

cyrusshroff provided additional details:

and thanks to you too Shadow I was already aware of that method but to do it your way I still required t leave camp I wanted to know how to hand out gifts while I was still in camp.

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RavenBStone answered:

Open your inventory screen and click the arrow to the left or the right of your character's name, above the character's preview to select which character you want to give something to.

After that you simply go to an item in your inventory that has "Gift" in its description in purple lettering, hold down the right mouse button and select the left selection, which says Gift.
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ShadowKaroth answered:

Drag and drop the item from inentory to there Picture in the Equipment window or Double click I assume.
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nullrouter answered:


1.) Press 'Select'.
2.) Press L2 or R2 to navigate to your inventory.
3.) Press L1 or R1 to navigate to the character you wish to gift.
4.) Within the inventory locate to the item that is clearly stated a "gift".
5.) The option to give it to the individual should be available; press X to gift.
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