Question from IronSarge

How do I unlock the Shapeshifter ability from Morrigan?

I need the ability , I have Morrigan on 100% that she likes me but still doesnt want to teach me, I am level 6 is it becose of that?

IronSarge provided additional details:

I didnt ment for Morrigan but for the main hero, she is supposed to teach you how to use that ability , you know what I mean?

Accepted Answer

LuxDragon answered:

I think there's a bug here. I asked her right at the beginning before I actually did any romance dialogue. At most, I was at 60 points and still very neutral when I asked and she just said yes.
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Dionysus444 answered:

It isn't locked to begin with. One of her starting abilities is to shapeshift into a spider. When leveling however, you can unlock a bear form, a 'swarm' form, and a master shapeshifter ability. These 3 unlockables appear on the skills screen, normally at the very top.
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IronSarge answered:

As I provided details I need the ability with the main hero not Morrigan, so I just need to level up and she will teach me?
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theverbisalie answered:

You might unlock it from her if your main romances her and is a mage as well. Not sure however since my main is a thief.The Much)easier way is to buy the shapeshifter manual. I found it for sale in the Elven woods camp. The only merchant in the camp has it. Like most manuels it comes with a hefty price tag, but if you don't mind quasi-cheating you can just quicksave, sell off all your equipment etc, buy yourself the manual, exit and make sure you see the large "Shapeshifter unlocked" on the screen and then quick load. You could probably get all specs unlocked in one runthrough actually..
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IronSarge answered:

I am already romanced with with her and she loves me fully , but still doesnt want to teach me, wonder why
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IronSarge answered:

Oh that happened to me too, patch is needed but it doesnt matter I have lvl 7 and get that ability
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