Question from kyman73

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I unlock Bloodmage? Who can teach it?

I'm level 10 Mage atm, left the circle w/ Duncan for Greywolves. Went back and saved the 1st enchanter, haven't done much else.

Accepted Answer

From: Darkwar 5 years ago

My character is a human mage and I was able to become a blood mage. Without spoilers go to castle redcliff and it happens to be a dialogue choice, but you need to do a few things first.
*minor spoilers below*

First go to redcliff and get inside the castle. In the dungeon is a blood mage. Don't kill him. Let him go.
Later you will be given the choice of using blood magic to send a mage to the Fade. I sent myself. There you will eventually get to talk with the lust demon. Say you want to talk. She will offer to leave for several years if you don't kill her and in exchange she will give you several options on things you might want.
1) Know the secrets of Blood Magic
2) You want to know lust and she kisses your character before the camera cuts away
3) you get to increase the affection of one of your party members by 20
4) Get a book that gives you a free talent point.

So I learned it from the lust demon not from any human! Hope this helps all the evil mages out there

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There's a Blood Mage character who can join your party in the dungeon in Redcliff. I had him killed but I'd bet my bottom dollar he's the guy who can teach you about being a Blood Mage...

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