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Strength Modifier?

What is the effect of Strength Modifier over weapons?

Starmoonz provided additional details:

So it affects how much strength I got? Affecting also my damage?

Accepted Answer

Hellswrath99 answered:

The strength modifier on weapons adjusts your strength score for combat rolls.

For example, let's say you have a strength score of 30. When you land an attack with a longsword, it uses a strength of 30 in calculating damage done to the mob. However, if you use a greatsword with a 1.10 strength modifier then it will use a strength of 33 (1.10*30=33) when calculating damage.
This mechanic is designed to take into account the extra damage caused by heavy weapons due to their momentum when being used.

The strength modifier on weapons does not add to your strength score for your character for any other stat checks, nor does it show up on the character stat listings.
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k_trieu92 answered:

When you equip your weapon and it has a Strength Modifier of 1.50
Your Strength Stat (Lets assume its at a base of 10) will be 15 because:
(Base Strength)x(Strength Modifier) = Current Strength

Or so I believe it is. Someone confirm?
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