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The Arcane Horror in the Elven Ruins at the Brecilian Forest?

So, at the moment I have a level 12 mage, Alistair, the dog, and Morrigan. What's the best way to defeat the Arcane Horror? I'm having quite a bit of trouble. Thank you.

BearSteak asked for clarification:

Is this is fight where there are 4 areas where the boss teleports to if you get close?

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xReikenx answered:

Actually this battle was ridiculously easy. Just give all your characters ranged weapons if they dont have any already and take pot shots at the guy from a distance. You wont have to deal with that lightning wall he throws up and because you're not getting near him you wont be triggering his undead spawns.
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theverbisalie answered:

Well, in my play through the guy started(if you're looking from the entrance) in the top right square. His teleport pattern went Start->top left->bottom left->bottom right->top right, and I assume it would repeat that way. what you need to do is send Alistair to the one he would pop into next, make sure he's inside the square all the way, then stop on the square that the Arcane horror is in, and have Alistair slaughter it. Make sure to heal your entire party to max first because it like to use AoE lighting bursts when it teleports and it'll use a massive one when it's getting low on health.
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BearSteak answered:

Oh that battle...I just had Morrigan Healing/damaging the big guy and had my other guys kill the skeletons making sure they didn't approach the big guys square. Then when all the trash was gone I put bows on everyone and chipped away till he died.
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tonecas99 answered:

Was easy to me i got an elven archer (master at that time) i just shot at long distance and he dont teleport he did some attacks but was to late for him

but with 2 mages on the team and 2 melee could be different... morrison ice coon (if u have this could work to stop him)
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mjb81 answered:

This guy didn't teleport on me. What I did was I ran down and channeled that massive aoe firestorm and then force shielded myself. Apparently he doesn't move out of it, so I got up and got something to drink came back and looted his corpse after my spells wore off.
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kyman73 answered:

If you don't engage him in melee he won't teleport. I ranged him to death w/ morrigan and my mage. After the skeletons are dead just make ur melee characters go stand far away so you don't have to heal them.
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Silver_Midnight answered:

I just beat it easily, using my character (a warrior, who has really good archery skills) and Morrigan healing me. Had no trouble at all. Stay on the platform above the stairs, and it won't even move at you (in my experience).
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H2000 answered:

When you engage arcane horror, one of the four mini circles will light up.

That's where he will be teleporting to if someone runs to close to him.

If you intend to melee him at all, put your party members on the next teleport pad and use your archer/mage to trigger the teleport.

Due to the number of disables the four melee ones have, I would recommend having your tank drink some resistance potions, go in alone and engage.

Lure whatever spawns upstairs to prevent the archers in the two nearby rooms from aggroing.

After dealing with the melee ones who constantly trip/stun you the fight should be really easy.

You should have an ample supply of resistance potions, use them on whoever is getting bombarded.
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mn12sc35th answered:

I had Alister, Leliana and Morrigan last time. Set all of them to ranged and took it down from the stairs. It just stood there and took it.
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Snusmeister answered:

I beat him easily. It turns out, he's not gonna teleport if you're sniping him. I has Alistair, Morrigan, Lill and my character (lvl 8 mage at that time.) So Alistair just stood there watching others shooting the bastard down.
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sdude_009 answered:

actually xReikenx's answer is true thanks to this post i just gave all my characters ranged weapons we took him down soo fast all he does is use regular blasts that do barley any damage if your ranging him... and after you kill him skeletons come and they die easily with regular weapons. so just range him ^^ thanks to this thread i passed it.
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shadecrimson answered:

Equip everyone with ranged weapons and don't go down the stairs. disable tactics if you have to
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Reapper77 answered:

yeh the best way... i got it without trouble by equiping a good bow on my character and with the filth arrow, tell your partners not to move and just keep morrigan healing you from the small projectile damage that the horror inflict...
Very easy...
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