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How do I beat (Flemeth or other dragons)?

I can't get passed them. Is there any way of fast killing them? I remember that on a review they killed Flemeth with a single blow. Do I have to kill them with you know the old hit them as much as you can style ?

Drakanojel provided additional details:

Thanks guys i got all the answers i needed. :D I will just have to lvl up a little bit. I'm 13 now.

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theverbisalie answered:

I'm sorry I take that back.There is a quest at the mages tower called The Watch Gaurd Of the Reaching and you'll fight a monster after doing a puzzle. He'll drop a sword that has 20% fire resist and +10 damage to dragons. That should help hopefully.
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ponsau answered:

I think on the review they have a uber developer weapon. You just have to level up and kill them. I am almost able to kill the dragon at the elven ruin with a level 14 party and a good healer. Which is good because dragons are supposed to be very hard to kill. If I could kill one with one hit it wouldn't feel like I accomplished anything. There is no level cap, so maybe you can kill one with one hit when you are around level 40?
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theverbisalie answered:

Um, ponsau, that is a non-matured dragon. The ones Drakanojel is talking about are way harder to beat.
@Drakanojel->Sorry, but you'll have to do it the old fashioned way. All the dragons I've encountered use fire, so make sure you have some really strong fire protection equipment. Stock up on health and mana stuff, bring a healer and two tanks. Sorry, but thats thwe best advice I have.
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shootgreedo1st answered:

I had trouble beating Flemeth in dragon form or the High Dragon on the mountain as a mage - so since I couldn't despite numerous tries I passed them by.

On my second playthrough as a warrior I beat both on my first try. Just bring Wynne if you have her as well as Morrigan and Leiliana (if shes an archer) let them do range damage and heal you while you draw all the aggro. Just don't die! You may have to switch to Wynne to make her drink mana potions so she can keep healing you - and you may use some healing potions to keep up with the damage. Just stay alive and keep stabbing
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