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Where to find finger-bone token(dwarves city)?

Where to find finger-bone token for Jarvia's hideout entrance?

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pseudodeus answered:

Go to the house in the back of dust town. This previously empty area will have some thugs you must rough up. They cough up the token when you beat them.
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_Heixue_ answered:

Just to complete the previous answer ... You first need to examine the suspicious door in dusktown AND to look through its "keyhole" (even though it'll only say that you can't see a thing) in order to have the thugs appear in the house.
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Ethelwulfx answered:

You can't simply go to the house. When i do it , it's empty, first talk to people and ask about jarvia, this will bring attention upon you, and so jarvia will try to kill you by sending thugs when you go to that house. after that you get the key and enter the compound
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