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How do I get my items back from Dwarf Noble origin?

How do I get my items after I've be exlied as a dwarf noble? some of them were pre-order and DLC items.

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AsanteRevell answered:

exit the game
go to the downloaded content, untick the DLCs
load the game
force load
save the game
tick back the DLCs
load the save game
and the items should be back
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Peregrin1 answered:

Sadly the Items you have before being arrested for Trian's Death whether at your hands or after finding him already dead are GONE. the only way to protect the DLC Items is to have them disabled when you start the Character Origin then enable them after being released into Deep Roads **Spoiler** You get a better Sword by protesting to Harrowmont that you are innocent
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Narsil30 answered:

Peregrin1's responce does indeed restore the items. I found that the Grimorie of Frozen Wastes book that gives you three bonus Attribute points was also restored even though I had used it during the origin story before losing all my items. It turns out if you disable and reload the DLC components you can keep reusing the Grimorie and gain three Attribute points EVERYTIME you re-enable the DLC components. If you do this enough times you can max out your character attribute scores before you even start playing the game! Unfortunantly the book that gives you an extra skill point was not restored so you can't max out your talents using this cheat/hack.
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Narsil30 answered:

Posting this for clarification: Using the above trick will not restore the Memory Band ring from pre-ordering the game nor the Skill Point tome. It will give you back the Blood Dragon Armor, The Wicked Band and The Grimorie of Frozen Wastes (repeat for infinite attribute points). Also do not risk using this restore on any character once you have completed quests in the game that are tied to DLC expansions you risk corrupting your save game and possibly causing the game to crash, forcing you to restart your character from teh begining. Use this only during or right after the origins story and you should have no problems. Enjoy.
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