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Arcane Warrior?

I wanted to make my mage an Arcane Warrior, but couldn't find the tome or book to teach the specilization of it. It says lost to the corners of the world, but I didn't find anything in the Mountian Top place, nor the Elven forest (the two most likely places I'd search for or expect to find it..) has anyone else managed to find it?

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jarow answered:

If I remember correctly there's a spirit trapped inside a vial in the Elven Ruins (as you are making your way towards the Werewolves). It's in a room that's down to your right as you arrive at the rooms.

You can examine the vial, make contact with the dead spirit and learn the Arcane Warrior skill in return for freeing the spirit, you know, be a git and trick the poor bugger.
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