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How do I open the potion making screen? (PC version)

I'm playing the PC version of the game and have the herbalism skill. I removed the herbalism icon from my quick-menu (big mistake) and now I can't find a way to bring up the interface where you create potions. What am I missing? Can I put the herbalism icon back on my quick menu?

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I know, that would be the logical solution. For some reason I can't grab the icon and move it to my QuickBar. Is there no other way to open the potion screen?

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GrizzlyUK answered:

You should be able to double-click on the Herbalism icon in the Spells/Talents screen. Another alternative is to use one of the other crafting skill icons to open the crafting screen. All 3 crafting skills (Herbalism, Trap-Making, Poison-Making) use the same interface, so you only really need one of them on your QuickBar.

Also note that you only need to drag the icon for the FIRST rank of the skill to the QuickBar.
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GrizzlyUK answered:

Open your Spells/Talents screen, (default key is "P") and then drag the icon for Herbalism to an empty slot on your QuickBar. More info on using any of the crafting skills can be found in the manual, under "Items - Crafting" (page 35 in the English manual).
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