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Ancient history quest? - Soldiers Peak

I find myself missing one clue (possibly the last one) to complete the quest

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Form got messed up, the original "whole" question:

I find myself missing one clue (possibly the last one) to complete the quest "Ancient History" Anyone have any tips as to where it might be, if not where all the clues are so I can see if I might have missed it in the keep. Tiny Spoiler: I have completed the keep via both characters inside but I am still not getting that one clue regardless of how I end it :( Any help is appreciated!

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Hi guys,

I have both the statue outside the keep and the Body inside the Tower at the end, but even as I run inside and constantly press TAB to see if there is anything I can interact with I don't see anything I haven't found yet.
Journal says "only one clue left" or something similar.
Problem now is as I advanced the game and claimed the keep I don't have access to inside the keep anymore(?)

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spritze5000 answered:

The 4 are:
the statue out front
Book on the archive floor
A jar on a counter outside of the room with the demon lady
dead guy on spikes in the last room (mages room)

after that look at the picture above the fire in the room where the fade portal is
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jaj_inc2 answered:

You are probably missing the guy on the spikes clue in the tower or the statue on the side of the courtyard
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Nightbringer answered:

The first clue is found outside the keep, and has to be taken before you enter the keep. When you first enter the courtyard, and fight the waves of undead, several undead spawn on an uphill path to your left. If you follow that path to the end, you reach a statue, which gives you Clue #1. The rest of the clues can easily be found within the keep. Look for books and some some jam.
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theverbisalie answered:

Tab solves everything. Just go through every area and use tab.
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Hadrulf answered:

Ok so as far as I understand there are 4 entries to complete this quest:
Statue outside of the keep.
2 Books in the Archive on the first floor (Most likely I missed one of them)
And the last one is a corpse inside Avernuss tower at the top.
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Takasuki answered:

Look for a Painting in the house. (TIP: use TAB to highlight it)
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theverbisalie answered:

I don't think you can get back inside now that you advanced the plot.
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jollyrogue answered:

I think as long as you don't leave the Peak you are ok to go back inside. I just came here to find the last clue, which turned out to be the statue.

I went outside to it and was able to get back in. So it should be ok. (i had completed the main quest for wardens keep)
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