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How do I save the Dalish guy's werewolf wife?

When I beat the Dalish stage, the guy went to look for his wife, but since I didn't speak to her, I didn't get the reward. I have an earlier save I can redo it on...but how do I complete that quest?



Silver_Midnight provided additional details:

Is there a way to do it WITHOUT killing her? Like, after the curse is lifted, does he find her and then I get the reward? And is there a way to talk to her without having to kill her?

Silver_Midnight provided additional details:

no, I just didn't want to kill her. Is that a crime? Oy vay.

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ActRaZr answered:

You are not required to save her in order to get his thanks (and possibly reward). Simply find her, and complete her request


to kill her


then bring back word (and possibly something else) to the husband.
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Starmoonz answered:

Just kill her... Why are you trying to not kill her? Is it because someone gets disapproval after you do kill her? Then remove that character from your party and kill her! z.z
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Starmoonz answered:

The storyline or the way people interact with you will not change (or maybe they do, but if they do its for the best). And no its not crime not wantng to kill her. But seriously, there is no way to not kill her AND complete the quest. So... kill her, and remember, you are cleaning her from misery.
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lifes_bliss answered:

I don't know if this would work, but if you avoided running into her at all? Then go, make Zathrian break the curse, and then maybe, just maybe since you never interacted with her and killed her, she may be free of the curse and free to go make love to her hubby. Because I think you can get to the ruins without ever encountering her.

Worth a try? I'll try on my next playthrough for sure.
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mn12sc35th answered:

Actually, if you break the curse first, she won't be there. I can't complete this quest on one of my characters after doing that. It seems you have to kill her.
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IanDRrimReaper answered:

You have to kill her, if not she wil force you to kill her. *dun read*SPOILERS: After killing her, bring her scarf back to her hubby. Don't Trade the scarf for the acorn or u wil never get it back!
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