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Where can I find Shale?

This must be dumb for some, but I downloaded the shale DLC but can't seem to figure where to find him. Anyone please help.

bomb0581 asked for clarification:

Ok i got the key from the merchant and no new area shows on my map. I got the DLC but the area doesnt show on my map and the gold spot with the merchant is gone.

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Hellswrath99 answered:

You can access the area to start this DLC content once you have finished Ostagar and can use the world map. The location is called Sulcher's Pass and should be on the western side of the map. It will be shaded a gold hue to signify DLC, I believe.

Once there, you will interact with a merchant who will end up giving you the control rod for a golem (Shale). He tells you the golem is in a village called Honnleath, which you will be able to access once you leave Sulcher's pass. Honnleath will be south of Sulcher's Pass and is also shaded gold.

In Honnleath, you will fight off a Darkspawn occupation and do a quest to find the daughter of a rescued villager in the depths of the laboratory of the golem's last master. After finishing this quest (regardless of how you choose to end it), the villager will give you the phrase to activate the golem. Go back to the golem standing in the village courtyard and say the phrase to activate Shale.
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hr_hesse answered:

I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but all areas added in DLC:s are marked by gold/yellow icons on your world map, as opposed to the silver/grey icons of non-DLC/regular areas. This particular area is located between Redcliffe and Orzammar.

There you'll encounter a merchant who'll offer to sell you a golem control rod free of charge, which if accepted will open the location of the town of Honnleath, where Shale is.
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Shalekash answered:

I have the same problem here. I have all the DLC installed, I talked to the merchant and got the control rod, but no Honnleath point is added in the map. Maybe you have to clear something first, I just got the world map.
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