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Watchgaurd of the Reaching?

How am I supposed to complete the ritual? I examine the statues, but all they do is damage me. Are there items I'm supposed to be using?

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Geardan answered:

First, find all the notes (use the Tab key to see them). The final one has the order that you want (which I forget atm, but it's in the codex); it's something like bowl -> up sword -> down sword, then a final one about shields and a spear, but the writer doesn't know where it is.

The first time you click on the statue, it looks like nothing happens; no damage, no visual effect. If you click it again, you get damaged for doing it in the wrong order. Click the first three in the common room ONCE each in the order in the note, then go a little farther on the same floor into the room where you met demon who sent you into the Fade. The final statue is on the central pedestal in this room. You'll see a note about something happening downstairs once you've done it right.
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Starmoonz answered:

Geardan is correct.

The order is Bowl -> Sword Up -> Sword Down -> Shield.

The statue with the Bowl and both Swords are in the common room (Marked with a X on the map, on the third level),
while the Shield statue its in the third level, in the room that has the stairs to the fourth level, on the central pedestal or something.

Then you receive a "pop-up" message saying "Quest Updated". Just go to the first level, to the area where the children are (where you met Wynne) and examine the door leading to the "Basement". A demon will rise, defeat it, and you complete the quest.
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