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Are there any hidden Specializations or abilities?

Besides the basic 4 you get to choose from?

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gibloaf answered:

Power of Blood skills aren't mage only. The 2 skills granted are different, based on your base class.
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jeek_x answered:

Fairly certain rogue, warrior, and mage only have the 4 options listed for specializations. However there situations in the game where your decision may add stat points or abilities.
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Endgame19 answered:

Technically, you can unlock "Power of Blood" (mage only I think) in the Soldiers Peak expansion download. It adds 2 Blood Magic powers otherwise unatainable.

You get it by drinking a potion found near the top floor.
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Starmoonz answered:

Your companions can get attribute boosts with high appvoral. They are considered skills.
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LaZboy03 answered:

I dont know any hidden specializations but i do know some hidden abilities like the ones you unlock for wynne in her plot story.. still checking others if they have plot skills aswell
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