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Asked: 5 years ago

How to start morrigan side/companion quest?

I just finished getting the circle to aid me in the blight, found the book of flemeths morrigan wanted in the tower, but still no luck in starting this side quest, what do i have to do to activate it

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From: jeek_x 5 years ago

You need to give the book to morrigan, its a gift item in your inventory. After you accept her request you need to go to Flemeth's hut without morrigan in your party.

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this question already asked and answered, please refer to "Black Grimoire(Spoiler)?" in answered questions

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Give the item to morrigan then visit your camp. it took me a few more visits to the party camp before she spoke with me again about it. or you could ask her after you finish a few quests or two.

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Get the book in the circle of mages, second floor I believe. ( you already did that)
give the book to morrigan. (open inventory in camp, select morrigan, go to the book right mouse and selcet gift)
wait a while (I believe 1 main quest)
Go back to camp ( morrigan will approach you I belive, else talk to her)
Quest started.
repeat the prces with later book

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How can i find morrigan after the game ends?It needs a patch???

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Another question.After tha game ends moriggan left but when i clicked on resume i went in the party camp and i saw her but i cant talk about the baby!!!!!!worse i can leave from there.i need a content.Where can i find that?????

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Once you've completed the game you can resume and return to the party camp so that you can play the Downloadable content, if you have it. You can't really do anything else, and the characters don't really mention anything that happened in the epilogue or the final battle with the Archdemon. All you can do is go through Warden's Keep, The Stone Prisoner or any other upcoming downloadable content. It's not really part of the story after you've finished the game, which is why Morrigan is still there even though she left during the Epilogue.

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Thanks.i supose they will make a second dragon age right???

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I fall in love in morrigan so i wont a good end in the next game if it will be made[i am not mad]

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