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Why doesnt sten get a starter specialty or at least a lvl 7 point like everyone else?

Im looking to make sten a reaver but he doesnt have a starting point from lvl 7 and he didnt come with a speacialty like everyone else. whats up with that?

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narasue answered:

*small spoiler*

The race answer is right I think. If you speak with Sten and get his approval up, he will often tell you that where he's from, everyone has one job they were meant to do and they do not change. So in a sense, specialization would be diverging from his set path.
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AsanteRevell answered:

Because he is of a different race
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hellodale answered:

"Sten is the only NPC who comes with no specialization. Moreover, he won't get any specialization point at level 7, but one at level 14."

That's just the way it is.
I tried recruiting Sten at level 4 to see if he gets 1 point at reaching level 7, but no.
Explanation-wise, narasue's answer is as good as any.
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