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Asked: 5 years ago

How many extra attributes are available in the quest "Lost in Dreams"?

This is the Circle tower quest where the sloth demon sends your party to the fade. I'm wondering if anyone knows how many total stat points are there that you could pick up from there? You know, those little statues and whatnot that give you +1 to an attribute (will, dex, str, etc) permanently.

So far I have found

+3 Willpower
+4 Dexterity
+5 Cunning
+2 Magic
+1 Strength

Thanks in advance!

Additional details - 5 years ago

Just an update,

So far I've found:

+4 Willpower
+4 Dexterity
+5 Cunning
+2 Constitution
+2 Magic
+3 Strength

Additional details - 5 years ago

Hmm...I'll double check that and post when I start my next playthrough. Hopefully I'll get around to that by this weekend :)

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From: Denethor0 5 years ago

Here is a list by found in Area in Lost dream

The Fade "Weisshaupt"
1 Essence of Willpower(+1 Willpower)

The Raw Fade
1 Essence of Willpower(+1 Willpower)

Darkspawn Invasion
1 Essence of Cunning(+1 Cunning)
1 Essence of Willpower(+1 Willpower)
1 Font of Strength(+1 Strength)

Burning Tower
2 Essence of Cunning(+2 Cunning)
1 Essence of Constitution(+1 Constitution)
1 Essence of Magic(+1 Magic)
1 Font of Strength(+1 Strength)

Mage Asunder
1 Essence of Constitution(1+ Constitution)
1 Essence of Cunning(1+ Cunning)
2 Essence of Dexterity(2+ Dexterity)
1 Essence of Magic(1+ Magic)
1 Essence of Willpower(1+ Willpower)
2 Font of Strength(2+ Strength)

Templar Nightmare
1 Essence of Cunning(1+ Cunning)
1 Essence of Dexterity(1+ Dexterity)

That gives me one more strength then you while you have one more Dex which I think means one of us got one wrong thought I dont wanna guess who.

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It looks like you actually each missed one. Denathor, it looks like you missed a Dex in the Raw Fade. If you re-run that little path you had to run after you got mouse form there is a spirit door there.

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Just to add to my previous post, I have done this area several times now on several different characters and I'm pretty certain I've got every stat point there is to get. Denethor's list is correct if you add an essence of dex to the raw fade area. His makes for a good checklist otherwise.
Also can verify that it doesnt matter what kind of character you are. The stat points are always the same and in the same places.

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So, it's 21 stats after all. right?!

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