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How to unlock romance option with Leliana?

For some reason I don't get any romance options with Leliana. Her likeness of me is maxed out, and I deliberately kept Morrigan's liking of me about moderate. It's still pretty early in the story I guess. I just did the Dalish Elves quest with the werewolves and everything after getting away from Flemeth.
If I try talking to her (just had the shoe thing) then I only have the option "nothing, let's move on" or something... Do I have to move further into the story before anything happens or did I mess something up?

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Luckily I did the first bit before playing 4 hours more. Noticed this whole Marjolaine thing when I returned back to camp more often, and figured it must have something to do with that. I'll test the info you gave me and hope it pans out. Thanks. ^^

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Denethor0 answered:

It may be a little more difficult to get a romantic relationship with Leliana or so Im told thought I had no problem.
Did some checking other then my own experience and from what I remember and what I found online, 3 different dialoges enables the romance with her.
Being a male seems to make a romance easier as the relationship doesnt even has to be "warm", while Im told the guide specificly says one need to have at 50+ to start it as a female character.

<B>Male and/or Female dialog</B>
(Not sure if this is for male only or female too)
Id like to talk.
What was someone like you doing in Lotherings Chantry?
You know, a beautiful charming woman like yourself.
Those initiates cant have been more lovely than you.
Romance will be started.

<B>Female only dialog for romance:</B>
My hair? Thank-you.
Dear Maker!
Well we are friends arent we?
And do you enjoy the company of other women?
I think I might giggle and maybe look coy?

<B>Dialog after finished her personal quest</B>
We need to talk.
Are you feeling better?
Er, I think I see what you mean.
She was special to you wasnt she?
Im sorry it ended so badly.
Everyone changes unfortunately.
I can only hope to one day be as special as she was to you.

Oh, and a side-note.....I didn't get invited into her tent until I was at 100 and must been around 80 or 90 when I kissed her as an female character.
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