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Urn of Sacred Ashes and Brother Genitivi?

Does it have consequenzes, if i show/not show Brother Genitivi the Sacred Ashes? I mean besides the questreward. I'm just curious:)


Starmoonz answered:

I'm not sure. If you are REALLY curious, I recommend you to make a back up save before chossing, then make two saves one that you show and other you don't, if you begin noticing diferences, there you go xD

I know it doesn't help much, but I don't know it myself.

May I correct your "consequenzes"? Its consequences.
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Denethor0 answered:

I do not think there is any difference thought I can not be certain. I do know that letting him reveal its location or not affects part of the "epilogue", not sure how as I have not finished the game myself but a friend tried out letting him reveal it or killing him and said it made a difference there.
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plucky027 answered:

I'm assuming you are referring to the conversation option while speaking to Genitivi while leaving the ruins? Where you can choose to show him the pouch or just simply tell him "yea I found the urn"?

I highly doubt this minor conversation option would have any impact on anything later in the game, as Genitivi supports your quest to save the Arl, it's not like he's going to try to take the ashes from you or something. You can test it if you like by saving before the encounter but sounds like something that probably won't have any impact on the game.

My favorite way to handle Genitivi is to go through a lot of conversation options while still at the Haven Chantry. You can convince him to tell you how the lock works and for him to return to Denerim. He will leave and you will continue to the ruins without him. At this point you can choose to not return to his house in Denerim, he will never know that you found the Urn. Therefore, you don't have to kill him (and possibly take party member approval hits) to get that particular epilogue in which the Urn remains a secret.
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lbuuyk answered:


If you destroy the Ashes, but convince him to go on an expedition, it'll say in the epilogue that he'll have led the expedition to find the urn, but in vain. In his shame, he committed suicide.
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