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Sword of Beresaad won't update?

I went to talk to Faryn in front of Orzammar and he told me that a dwarf in Redcliffe has the sword. All fine and good except the quest journal still tells me to seek out Faryn and I looked all over Redcliffe and can't find this dwarf. I read that he's supposed to be in a house? But I can't seem to find him and I'm worried that because the quest journal isn't updating to reflect the next step he's not active.

Am I stuck just never completing this quest?

jesterpiece provided additional details:

Ah, I see. I never went to find him I guess. I'll go bother him then, thanks!

Accepted Answer

timnoakes answered:

It didn't update for me either, but you don't need it to.


Dwyn is the dwarf you can convince to help in the Redcliffe night attack. His house is left of the empty general store, South-East of the lowest level in Redcliffe Village.
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