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Anvil of the Void?

Is there any major differences in the outcome of the storyline between whether you side with Branka or Caridin , as well as if you choose to keep the anvil or destroy it?

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Zacarius2 answered:

As said above you get golems in your final battle army. There are other consiquenses based on who is n your party at the time. Most importantly Shale. If you side with Branka Shale will oppose you and you will be forced to kill her.
If you side with Caridin and Shale is with you you will unlock Shales side quest when you examine the golem registry after the battle. Also Alistat, Wynne, and Lelina will disapprove of siding with Bronka, as that is supporting slavery. I do not know the other's reaction I could not change my group settings between the challanges and the confrontation.
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John117X answered:

You would get an army of golems to bring in for the final battle if you sided with branka and preserved the anvil. You get only 4 but they are THE hardest-hitting units in the game, both melee and and at range. I had them for the final archdemon battle and they made chunky salsa of the darkspawn reinforcements.
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