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What do i do with Gifts?

I can't give away the gifts i have and they are starting to take up half of my bag space is there some where i can store them till i can give them away or should i just sell them and save myself the truble.

govtarkin provided additional details:

I got it a friend told me you have to be on the character that you want the gift to go to i feel like a nub

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Zacarius2 answered:

To give a gift you go the character you want to have the gift, and hit use from the radial menu.
Each person has a gift type they like and will give big rep for and some they don't and will only give one point for. All have storyline gifts that only they will except. Knowing the personality type of each person will tell you what they like. But here is a list just to help.

Alistar: Figurines (I guess he plays with them)
Morrigan: Jewelery, especailly necklaces (doesn't like rings and braclets all that much
Lelina : Holy artifacts, anything to do with Andraste (including the Silver Sword of Mercy, this was used to end Andraste's suffering)
Sten: Paintings,I don't understand, but he likes art
Wynne: Books and Scrolls (NOT maps, those are for someone else)
Dog: Bones obviously ( not that it matters, he never looses 100%)
Zev: Precious metal bars
Og (dwarf guy): Booze
Shale: gemstones (she likes sparklies)
*Spoiler Character* : Maps
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widget624 answered:

You give them to your party members to raise thier affection, certain gives are favoured by certain characters.
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