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What dragons are there?

I've found the high dragon, flemeth and obviously the archdemon, are there any other big dragons out there? Not counting the little cute one in elven ruins that is.

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Zacarius2 answered:

There is a "dragon" (as in that is what its name is) in the elven ruins that you can't avoid story line wise. And there is a summonable dragon in the throne room of the dwarf town ( must be done before choosing a king). Both of these I would rank as baby dragons. There is only one High Dragon. Flemeth isn't really a dragon, she is a shapeshifter, but all the gear that is +vs dragons works on her. And the Archdemon while technicaly a corrupted Old God (which if you read the codex for the First Blight you learn are infact dragons) it is classified as a darkspawn.
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thezirk answered:

I believe those are the only big ones. Of course there are smaller dragons in a couple of places, but these are the same as the one in the Brecilian Forest ruins.
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