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Where can I find the Effort armor-set helmet "Duty"?

I've collected the entire set with the exception of the helmet, supposedly called "Duty". Does anyone know where I can find it?

bananapants provided additional details:

The gloves I believe I looted from somewhere in the deep roads (sorry, can't remember where exactly) and the boots can be bought from the vendor in the Dust Town section or Orzamar

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Anubispt answered:

Effort is found on the Broodmother after her defeat.Chest only appears after completing the quest The Drifter's Cache;completing the quest The Drifter's Cache will give you the gloves; the boots can be bought from Alimar in dust town; the helmet can be found in Anvil of the Void , Ortan Thaig or Caridin's Cross when you ask the dog if he sees anything at these locations.
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connharr33 answered:

You have to take your dog to the crossroads in the Deep Roads and ask him to find something. He should come back with the helmet, it is called Duty. Where did you find the gloves and boots?
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