Question from galimor

Asked: 5 years ago

Console commands not working! Help?

I have been able to get the console working (I don't move when pressing the move keys) but I still can't get the commands to work. Tried the immortality one, didn't work. And neither did runscript zz_createrunes or runscript zz_givearmor. Didn't work when I copied them right from this website either. Anyone have any idea why the commands ain't working?

Accepted Answer

From: Jaeden36 4 years ago

You can see what you type into the console by downloading this mod from Dragon Age Nexus site:

The only reason I can think of that certain cheats are not working, is that you are playing Dragon Age: AWAKENING, which does not accept a lot of cheats.

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When you type in the codes, you're pushing enter after, right? And when you push enter, do several lines of letters and numbers in white appear on the top of the screen?

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iI would suggest making sure you start the command with a space before typing "runscript".
Also if the screen doesn't do anything when your typing then that would suggest that the console is active.
And yes finish the command by pressing enter at the end.
Hope this helps....

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