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How can i get leliana to join me ?( plz help )

I ' ve finished the game and still i couldn't get her i was then a human noble could that been the problem ? Anyway i'm now a dalish elf how and when could i make her to join me ? in my first playthrough i found her in the dalish camp but there was no way to make her join me ? so plz help me quickly !!!

NIZO_101 provided additional details:

sorry guys . HEHE ! I thought leliana is the elf at the dalish elf clan . There name both starts with an L . But i've found her at lothering in the second playthrough . Thanks anyway !!

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IanDRrimReaper answered:

Are you sure you got the NAME correct?
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AsanteRevell answered:

you get leliana by going to Lothering and entering the bar.
the soldiers will attack you and Leiliana helps you out.
at the end of the fight you can choose to have her join your party
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