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Best weapon for arcane warrior dragon age ?

Which is the best sword for the arcane warrior? starfang or spellweaver? And does someone has formula for the arcane warrior abilities?

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I prefer spellweaver myself.

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Are you the only 1H sword user in the party? The 1H swords are ranked as follows (base stats only, descending order):
Starfang-Keening Blade-Topsider's Honor-Spellweaver(AW only). If you have another 1H sword user, give them the better weapon.
As for abilties, there are two active and two passive abilties, going as follows:
Arcane Warrior (Active) - <Passive Ability> - Shimmering Shield (Active) - Fade"something" (Passive)
Shimmering shield is a must, 75% (max) all resistances. The fourth ability buffs your defense by "partially putting your character in the Fade" (makes you look like a fade ghost).
The first ability passively allows you to use the magic stat for armor and weapon wielding, and when activated allows your magic stat to calculate melee damage over strength. Be warned, it increases fatigue by a massive 50%. You will have a shallow puddle of mana to cast spells from, and therefore not be a caster mage any longer. Give yourself some sustained buffs from other abilities and just auto-attack in this mode.

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to answer that my arcane warrior normaly just cast a single 1 or two spells at the begining of the combat, and then he charges head on as the party tank, suprisingly it is much more resilent than Alister, and i can cause much more dps, my main problem is the enemies dispells, but as i was asking which sword would be best for arcane warrior? starfang or spellweaver? does the spellweaver +5 magic makes spellweaver more potent in a hand of the aw than the starfang natural power?

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According to the specialization description, AW allows the magic stat to calculate damage instead of using strength. So compare the base stats of Starfang and Spellweaver with that in mind, and go with what feels better. Heck, you can carry both if you want!

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