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Who's better??

I'm playing as a mage. I have Alistair and Leliana in my party but i'm confuse between Morrigan and Wynne. As Wynne is spirit healer I like her compared to Morrigan's shape shifting. If i select Wynne what should i use as her next specialization? I myself is an Arcane Warrior and going to take Blood Mage next.

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i don't want to dump Leliana because of her lock picking skill and she is a deadly archer for me with high dex and all archer skills upto level 3. She's a great damage dealer for me.

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superfootdog answered:

Well, as I said, I liked Morrigan better, and she has some exclusive robes (the robes of possession) that are just beastly, and Winter's breath was just freaking made for her. You could very well just heal and protect Leliana like no other, or you could go back through all the places and get all the chests you missed, which, if you're like me (and you kinda seem like it) you'll probably want to do anyway for sidequests and full completionist status. So, do what you choose, but I'd recommend taking both mages, preferably with Alistair, and just magically face pwning the world.
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superfootdog answered:

I did that exact thing. Only I chose Blood Mage first, an excellent decision, since I loved blood magic beyond any rational extent. I was actually in your exact position, and, honestly, i dumped Leliana. Alistair woukld taunt and tank while the three of us mages just owned face from the back. And it was freaking ownage on Nightmare, so I'm fairly certain it will serve you well on any difficulty. Morrigan was a spirit healer, Wynne was another blood mage. (I think there's a glitch in my game, though, because other people say that Wynne refuses to become a blood mage) But Wynne doesn't like blood control, which is an awesome spell, and she also won't let you get the reaver specialization in the Urn mission. So, I'd again dump Leliana, but dont get too attatched to Wynne. If you must choose, get Morrigan, make her a spirit healer
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superfootdog answered:

Oh but shapeshifting is pretty worthless. Morrigan is just a bit vbetter than Wynne, in my humble opinion.
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