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Where the locations of all known dragons?

I need to find more dragon scales to get better dragon armor so far all i have found is the one in brecilian ruins and the high dragon is there more and how do i get to them?

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McCoid answered:

As far as I'm aware the only one which drops scales is the high dragon. The one in the Crecilian ruins has never dropped any scales.
Other than that there is one other Dragon that I know of, but it's at the end of the game so whether or not it drops any would have no bearing on getting dragon scales. There is one other 'dragon' you can fight but it's a shapeshifted from another form so again doesn't drop any scales.
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Reapper77 answered:

Actually i never knew about the brecilian ruins one.... I got the heavy dragonscale armor from wade, after giving the dragon scale i got from the high dragon andraste... The other dragon i know so far is Flemeth, she shapeshifts into one after U go to kill her in her tent on Morrigan's quest, though i don't know what turns out sincei haven't killed her yet, and i also don't know if she ACTUALLY DIES... i "ended" the quest, hopefully, the pacific way.... She was still to tuff for me back then....
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