Question from Ujku80

Qunari Sword?

I finished the game once while doing most of the quest but i never see the likes of a qunari sword
any idea to where i can find it?

Ujku80 provided additional details:

How do I get Sten to speak about the sword
He is not that much into talking ...

Accepted Answer

McCoid answered:

To get sten to talk about the sword you need to talk to him about his past, although from memory you might need to get his approval rating highish before the topic appears. Hrm to help with that he has a thing for paintings given to him.
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McCoid answered:

There is a Qunari sword available from the merchant just outside Orzamar if I remember correctly but if you're meaning the one for Sten's quest then that is elsewhere and you need to talk to a couple of scavengers to find out where. The first is near where Sten was ambushed and he points you at the second who then tells you who to speak to to get the sword.
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