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Morrigan and the ritual?

Does Morrigan need to be in the group in order for the ritual to take affect or can I just leave her at the front gates with the others?

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Elblai answered:

She does -not- need to be in your party when you slay the archdemon.
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Worm104 answered:

She appears in your room in Arl Eamon's residence in Denerim later so she doesn't need to be in the party.
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plucky027 answered:

Worm, I don't think that's what he was asking.

I think what he was asking was: does Morrigan have to be in your active group when you slay the Arch Demon.

Answer: I'm not positive, I brought her with the time I did that ending as tt just made sense to me to do so. I'm doubting you need to but I'll try it without bringing her the next time I run-thru the game. Maybe someone else can answer this faster than I can, we'll see.
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