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How do I beat High Dragon?

It was more difficult in fighting High Dragon than the ArchDemon, when battling Arch Demon, I using Dwarf Warrior Class and I take Wynne, Leliana and Oghren with me and has no difficulties in defeating the ArchDemon as I use Leliana and switch to range attack but the same tactics won't work against High Dragon, I feel High Dragon more tough than Flemmeth or Arch Demon. Is there better tactics or companions should I carry with in fighting High Dragon?

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Worm104 answered:

A tank is always a good idea, preferrably shield specialisation with fire resist rings/belts being helpful. I then pulled Morrigan who was my healer and Zevran with a boy out to the side and got them to hold position. Zevran fired in with bow attacks while morrigan healed the tank. I also had a second melee but another ranger/mage would be better. The high dragon never left the higher ground when I was up there due to my tank with taunt. If you have the skills then firing off paralyze and petrify could be good on the off chance he doesn't resist them. Cone of cold is less useful here as you don't want to be that close. Heal party is an invaluable skill.
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alex244184 answered:

I am a Dalish Rogue (archery style). I did it with Morrigan/Alistair/Zevran easily. Zevran I just had along at the time and was dual-wielding backstabs, Alistair drawing all the aggro with taunt, and Morrigan healing/cone of cold/petrify and then my archer at a distance firing off arrow of slaying every chance I got.

Just make sure your tank is always getting the aggro/being healed/using poultices. Have the dragon frozen/stunned/paralyzed as often as possible and then slowly chip away at him.
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Axelkirby answered:

During this fight i got the dragon to about halfway until my only character left was Wynne, and so i ran for higher ground and the dragon takes flight to get up to the cliff, and if you run down a bit on the ground ramp way near the circular building where 3 chests are in, the dragon hops down and during this time when it takes flight to come back down, you can run up, maybe get 2 or 3 shots off with a long range weapon at it, then repeat when it takes flight again by moving down the ramp a bit.
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Waktoh answered:

I kept my ranged and healer on the ramp where the dragaon can't reach them except for fireballs. So spread them out a bit to reduce splash damage. I used Alistar and Oghren in melee, I was a Spirit Mage, and Lelianna flinging arrows. Alistar was in Juggernaut Armor, Oghren in Legion Armor. I used the Fire Resist gear I had plus some Fire Resist potions for the melee. Personally I did a lot of micro managing melee's movement to keep the dragon turning around. I thought that keeping out from directly infront of the dragon might reduce the chance of it grabbing me. It grabbed Alistar early on and I berely kept him alive through it. Later in the fight it grabbed Oghren and I Force Fielded him in midair. I made sure that when melee dropped below 50% health that they drank a lesser health pot to help out the healer.
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shattered27 answered:

The high dragon is extreamly easy to beat. Have one mage and the rest melee and send the melee to die. The dragon only has 2 spots she can land so stand on the opposite side she is on far enough away to not get hit by her breath. When she moves, you move. Rinse and repeat and lootz
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