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What is Blank vellum used for?

I went through my whole first game not knowing what they did, and i'm just starting my second one and i'd like to know what its used for.

Griffins909 provided additional details:

That's what i thought, but they sell for so little I though they might have another use.

Accepted Answer

McCoid answered:

The blank vellums as far as I've been able to find out so far are just sellable junk.
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Anubispt answered:

There is a use to blank vellum, in the anvil of the void chamber you will be able to copy the list of names in the stone golem and give that list to the shaperate.Conection to the Shale quest possible,but cant be sure.Apart from this use, they serve only to sell.
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Esparc answered:

I'm pretty sure when I went through the anvil of the void I didn't have any blank vellum, also it says that you copied it onto a stack of paper and put it in your pack
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plucky027 answered:

Correct, you do NOT need blank vellum in your inventory to make the tracing of the golem registry.

There is no use for blank vellum, it is vendor trash.
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