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Asked: 5 years ago

Duncan's shield? *possible spoilers*

How do i move the bookshelf in the ware house to get to the back room?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Is it alistar? cause we aren't really on good terms at the moment.

Accepted Answer

From: plucky027 5 years ago

First you must obtain the Grey Warden Documents from the chest in Arl Howe's bedroom.

Next, you must speak to Riordan and ask him about the documents. Go through the conversation options and he will tell you how to access the Vault, which makes the bookshelf clickable.

Riordan will be standing by Eamon after you are able to return to his estate.

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Once the other Grey Warden's told you about the secret storage, you should just have to click on the bookshelf. You may always press TAB to see wich one it is, it will highlight it.

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you need to speak to Riordan about the vault, he'll tell you how to open it.

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