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How do you activate blood magic in dragon age origins after the desire demon gives it to you?

I cannot actually find/use the Blood Magic given to me by the Desire Demon. I did choose to accept the Blood Magic but after I have no clue on how to actually activate/use it. Could anyone give me some help? Would be greatly appreciated!

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plucky027 answered:

Blood Mage is a Specialization. First, you have to be of level to have a specialization point. You gain 1 specialization point at level 7 and another at level 14. So, out of 4 possible specializations, you can choose 2 at maximum.

Specialization choices are displayed on the first page of the level up window (to the left of where you increase your statistics under your portrait). When available, place 1 of your specialization points into Blood Mage.

Once the specialization point is placed you will find the 4 Blood Mage abilities on your spell selection screen while leveling up. Choose these abilities when points are available to purchase new spells... and you're now a Blood Mage.
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