Question from mrmcduff

Asked: 5 years ago

Do you lose specialization points if you level up without spending?

I just reached level 7 and haven't yet come across any of the specialization manuals. If I go through the level up process without spending the point, will that point still be there when I reach level 8 (or 9, or whenever I find the manual?)

In general, can you save points and still have them at the next level (though I'd see little other reason to do so)

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From: born2bnoob 5 years ago

No you dont lose them.
I saved them to, because i wanted a reaver, beserker.
i spend mine at lvl 12 and 16.

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When going through the Level Up Process, you do not have to assign anything at that time. The points will remain unspent until you finally spend them.
When you have unspent points, there will be an icon indicating Level Up and you may not notice a new level right away.

I left many points unspent for several levels, so I could save, try some high tiered talents, use them, load, try another set, etc.. until I found the skill set I was happy with.

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