Question from ashenwraith

Asked: 5 years ago

Collector's Edition vs Regular?

I'm just curious, I read that the collector's edition offers exclusive items in-game, but can someone tell me what items those are?

Also, I'm not sure if I want to buy this game for my 360 or are the controls for both?

Accepted Answer

From: Reapper77 5 years ago

BUY IT FOR PC.... I can assure U it's better...

1st reason >> My brother's got a 360, I've got a PC... We both play... He suffers like hell in middle of battles cuz he has to manually access menus, on the PC, U've got a lot of quick bars, And U spend like 1/3 of the time U wouls be spendin' on the 360, for the menus and stuff...

2nd reason >> DLC... The PC Ver. has a lot o downloadable content, W/ tons o badass items and big quests, also a fully integrable party member...I'm not overHypin' those items are really good...

So i highly recommend U get the PC ver... Good Purchase (Or not...XD~) ...

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