Question from Denngar

Asked: 5 years ago

How to play on multiple computers, while keeping unlocked classes?

What files do I need to copy in order to play on multiple computers, and how do I move them? I got the game for my g/f and me, but she plays on her computer and I play on my laptop most of the time, though sometimes I want to play on my desktop. The problem is that if I just copy the character data over, it doesn't carry class unlocks with it.

Accepted Answer

From: plucky027 5 years ago

Can't test this at the current moment but I'm guessing the file you are looking for is:

Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings\Profile.dap

If this even works I foresee the problem that if your g/f wants to play with her own profile you'll have to make backup copies and swap the file every single time you change computers.

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