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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I solve "Caged in Stone" side quest?

When you examine the empty throne in the Royal Palace in Orzammar you receive the codex 320: Caged in Stone. I know you are supposed to place one of your party on the middle stone in the entry room, but I can't figure out where to place my remaining 2 party members...

Accepted Answer

From: seekuh 5 years ago

Caged in Stone has to be done BEFORE you select a king for ozan-whatever..the dwarf city.
Go to the royal palace, enter throne room. Use "H" to be able to place your guys (1,2,3&4) individually.
1: click on throne
2&3: put them on the arrow like plates in the throne room, these are on the west wall.
4: go to main hall and stand on plate.
(2,3&4: the plates will make a moving/grinding sound when you stand on them)
1: click on throne again and dragon will appear.

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