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Must you be a noble?

I played through the game as an elven mage and though I had my charisma skill maxed out I still couldn't marry Alastair to become queen. Do you HAVE to be a noble, or is there another skill required that I missed?

TweaktheReaper provided additional details:

Oh sorry I meant I had the persuade skill maxed out so I could persuade on everyone. Yes I did have his approval maxed out as well and there was a romance going on. When I selected the option "Alastair will rule as king with me" he said the people wouldn't like it because I wasn't a noble, and there was no option for me to persuade otherwise. Do I just have to have a higher cunning stat or is there really no hope if you're not a noble?

Accepted Answer

seekuh answered:

Yes, you must be a human noble to be able to do this!
And for persuasion you need to fill our coersion, not cunning.
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Dwovar answered:

First, there's no Charisma score. There's Cunning though. Although you might mean you had Alistair's 'love' bar all the way to full.

Did you romance him earlier in the game?
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